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So about half an hour ago, we get an email containing this:

Attention Rutgers Community:

The New Brunswick Police Department (NBPD) is investigating a report of shots fired which occurred at approximately 12:00 PM at the intersection of Jones Avenue and Seaman Street in the City of New Brunswick.

In this incident a local resident reported seeing a male who was standing in the intersection point and fire a handgun towards the direction of Commercial Avenue. The male then fled on foot into the City and away from University property. There are no known injuries as a result of this incident. Police patrols have been increased in the area.

The perpetrator was described as a black male wearing all dark clothing and a wool cap.

The New Brunswick Police Department asks that anyone with information, or who may have been in the area at the time, to contact the New Brunswick Police Department Detective Bureau at..."

Are we on lockdown? Nope. I mean gee, it's "off campus" and the person ran "away from University property" But let's take a nice look at where this dude was in comparison to where I am, shall we?

How comforting. That's the route I typically drive home. Right past that intersection to Commercial Ave. Methinks I'll be taking a different route this afternoon. 

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My lovely downstairs neighbor Natalie (a.k.a "Miles' Mom") gave me a gift for watching over her silly furboy. She brought me a mix of white, dark and milk chocolate toffee with bits of macadamia nuts and TWO jars of her lovely freezer jam - one strawberry and the other strawberry lemon. I'll have to get some lovely crusty bread to enjoy them with. 

I really like the sweet cream holiday spice from Starbucks and love it and today I found a cheat recipe to make the spice blend and I'm thinking of making the sugar and spices and giving them as gifts to the neighbors. 

Visited the doc today and she's ordered the test kit to do the cheek swab thing to check on how I metabolize medicine, though she advised before she even does it that I should call and check with my insurance to see how much they'll cover. Because if it's too obnoxiously expensive, it won't be worth it. She also prescribed lexapro which in the past may or may not have given me insomnia and shaky hands but I'll try it again and see if it works better this time since I was certainly testing enough meds back in 2011. Also, just in case she's going to put in for me to have a sleep apnea test and evidently they can do a thing where I get tested at home first. When I tried it once before, it was inconclusive because since I knew I was being "watched" I didn't sleep well from nerves. So here we go with the experiments. *crossing fingers*
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So I'm sitting eating lunch at a little bakery and they have a radio station playing Xmas tunes. I foolishly started paying attention to the lyrics and realized that damn, many of them are creepy as all hell. Now there's the more obvious depressing ones like "Blue Christmas" where most of the time it's Elvis pissing and moaning about some chick that clearly doesn't have an interest in dealing with his drama around the holidays, and the same sort of whiny theme for "Please Come Home for Christmas with this oh-not-depressing-at-ALL bit:

My baby's gone I have no friends
To wish me greetings once again

Bud, pull it together! Even "I'll Be Home for Christmas" leads you to believe it's hopeful until you get to the end:

I'll be home for Christmas
If only in my dreams

Passive aggressive much, dude? Ok, so I get it. It's the time of year people off themselves because they're depressed. No need to beat us over the head. But then there's other ones that seem ok until you listen to them. The song that first made me go "damn, really?" was "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" which prompted me to tweet
"We Wish You a Merry Xmas" is a bunch of bitch-ass extortionists demanding pudding or they'll continue their singing sit-in.

If you listen to it, it's annoying AF:
Now bring us some figgy pudding
Now bring us some figgy pudding
Now bring us some figgy pudding
And a cup of good cheer

We won't go until we get some
We won't go until we get some
We won't go until we get some
So bring it right here

If I got that kind of crap from carolers, I'd be tempted to yell "Now listen you rude drunken asswipes, get off my porch before I toss a carafe of hot coffee on you!"

Heck, even in "It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas" the parental frustration with the holiday is palpable with this bit:
A pair of hopalong boots and a pistol that shoots
Is the wish of Barney and Ben;
Dolls that will talk and will go for a walk
Is the hope of Janice and Jen;
And Mom and Dad can hardly wait for school to start again.

Heh, hope I didn't ruin too much for you. Just spike the hell out of that eggnog and warble "Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer" and you'll be fine.
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I stumbled on this YouTube channel last night and had to subscribe. The channel's title of "peaceful cuisine" is so accurate. You can almost meditate to the food preparation. Also, the food he makes looks delicious - such as this marbled carrot cake/ginger cake (which is also vegan)

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Watching the end of Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith because it was on the channel when I turned the TV on just now. Totally not because anytime there's a chance to drool over McGregor's Obi-Hot or anything, noooope. Anyhoo, it comes on to the whole Padme birthing vs. Anakin becoming Vader scene and I've always had an issue with this part.

Ok, I get that you're trying to show the parallel between the connected characters being in pain and shit but it always bugged me that you have spacecraft that can zip around the galaxy in no time, wear elaborate fancy clothing paired with intricate hairstyles, have droids that wait on you hand and foot including some floating chair for Yoda to zip about, yet childbirth involves a droid cooing an-absolutely-NOT comforting "oooombaa" noise while it savagely melon-balls your offspring out of your girly bits. Somehow there's no galactic-senate-approved epidurals in this highly technical medical bay? I don't buy that she's crying out in mere emotional pain since it's a bit too timed with the ooomba-ing about.

Now I can more easily buy that there's no pain meds for Darth KFC Mainly because the Emperor would deny them because he absolutely is a sadistic bastard that was likely getting off on all the caterwauling that crispy-fried Ani-Vader was doing and was also pissed that his golden boy didn't finish his job properly.

Then again, it also bugs me that the Jedi are supposedly so one-with-the-Force and can sense all kinds of super secret intent but never pick up on the fact that Padme's knocked up until she's in labor. Although considering they're supposed to be celibate, I guess they don't teach the younglings where babies come from.
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It's been one long, annoyingly hot summer with only a few breaks. Even though Autumn begins in about ten or so minutes, it's supposed to get into the 80s again today and near 90 tomorrow before it is supposed to dip down this weekend. I'm looking forward to being able to cover up with a blanket and have JuneBug snuggle instead of just lie next to me. I'm looking forward to getting off my lazy behind to take a walk and admire all the different colors like this (taken a few years ago)

I'm hoping that they don't turn the heat on in the apartments until I've had a chance to bake something and I'm certainly hoping we don't have too much of a stretch of "Indian Summer" where it'll be warm outside when the heat is on inside. 

I've already visited my favorite orchard a couple of times and would like to go visit one I haven't been to before. Everyone seems to love summer but it sucks the life out of me and I've gained weight and have been in a schlump. I intend to try to rectify that...ok...I might indulge a wee bit so it'll be the slow and easy path back to health.
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In observance of the Star Trek 50th anniversary, I "penned" a little silly blurb. It isn't the naughty thing that veganhothead assigned but I might get to that sometime. I'm just stoked that I was able to be creative and write something when I haven't in a looooooong time.

Star Trek: TNG, Lt. Commander Data, Lt. Barclay and Data's cat Spot

Felines - the Eternal Mystery.
“According to the computer, felines have the ability to perform more than one hundred varieties of vocalizations. I do not know if Spot is performing adequately as I have only observed thirty-three distinctive vocalizations. However, it appears that many of these sounds occur close to mealtimes. If you would like, I can create these sounds and explain what I believe each one of them may mean,” Data opened his mouth in order to begin the demonstration when Lt. Barclay waved his hand dismissively.

“N…no, Commander, that’s not necessary. I’m very familiar with cat noises,” Lt. Barclay smiled knowingly. “I’m sure you’ve observed some of the noises when you’re certain that Spot is already well fed.”

Data tilted his head slightly to the side, his distinctive way of displaying that he was processing the thought, “You are correct. It has been challenging to persuade Spot that it is not time to eat when Spot wishes to do so. I have calculated that it would not be healthy for Spot to exceed six point four kilograms and so you must not allow him to convince you that he has been inadequately nourished.”

Lt. Barclay chuckled, “I’ll stay strong.” He picked up the orange tabby and gave him a kissy-face look, “You’ll be a good boy while your father is on his away mission, won’t you?”

“I am not a feline, Lieutenant” Data’s brow furrowed slightly then he blinked in understanding, “Ah, I see. You have redefined my role as Spot’s guardian as being one of parent. Very well.” Data picked up his tricorder. “Thank you for your assistance, Lieutenant.” He turned to go.

Lt. Barclay picked up one of Spot’s paws and used it to wave goodbye to Data, “My pleasure, Commander,” Once the doors slid shut behind Data’s departing figure, Lt. Barclay turned Spot to face him, “Oh, what say I replicate a few treats?” Spot mewed approvingly. He smiled again as he set Spot down and headed to the replicator, “Don’t tell your father or he’ll not let me cat-sit again. I’ll also replicate a feather toy so we can play off the extra weight.”
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Just because I am pigmentally-challenged, it does NOT mean that I side, sympathize or condone racism in ANY way. This morning being a prime fucking example.

I decided to take today off to make it a four day weekend because the weather is supposed to be nice and because my brain is crispy-fried and I need to take vacation days here and there anyway. I thought it would be a good idea to schlep over to the laundromat in the morning to get that task over with. Normally I go on the weekend because they're open 24 hours and I get there about 5. On Fridays they open at 7 so I was there a few minutes after and there were already several people doing their thing. Not too crowded, fortunately, so I joined the washing-drying gang.

After I put the quarters in to start the washers, I headed to the deli next door to get a breakfast sandwich and coffee. The cheerful latino dudes served me with a smile (pointing out their ethnic persuasion since I'm working up to a general point) and I enjoyed my well-made breakfast while sitting back at the laundromat.

The issues started once I was putting items in the dryer. Two cute little middle-aged Latinas were doing plenty of laundry and were loading up several dryers. They exercised Proper Laundromat Manners by using both the top and bottom dryers instead of hogging just the top ones. Muchly appreciated since that meant I had a nice little four-block of dryers all together. There were still many dryers that neither one of us were using and in walks a skinny old white dude that radiated that subtle sort of crazy. You know the type - he's going to manage to make you uncomfortable somehow. He didn't disappoint since he practically flailed away from the Latinas like he thought the tiny ladies were going to stop their cheerful chattering in Spanish to pull a switchblade on him. Naturally he gravitated toward me - the harmless middle-aged chunky white lady. Greeeeeat. 

He asked if I was using the dryer next to mine and I shrugged and said "nope" and kept doing my own laundry thang. The fact that I responded in English, even though it wasn't anywhere close to the equivalent of a verbal hug somehow said to him that I wanted him to keep blabbing at me of which the most I gave was an errant and dismissive "mmhmmm". Ughhhhhh. He felt the need to tell me that his dryer was broken so he HAD to come to the laundromat. I guess he wanted me to know that normally he wouldn't set foot in such a skeevy poor and OMG!MOSTLYBROWN people place. I wasn't about to offer up the fact that I go there regularly. I was mentally telling him to "goooo awayyyy"

Once I tossed in enough quarters and started my dryers, I picked up my newspaper and purse and headed across to the other side of the laundromat to the tables and chairs to hopefully read in peace. Crazy Dude got breakfast and naturally sat at the table next to me with his own paper and proceeded to try to strike up a conversation. I barely looked up and aside from one "mmm," didn't acknowledge his presence. 

I got "saved" by the black lady that sat at another table next to us and was having a happy conversation with someone on the other end of her bluetooth. It made CD go quiet. Ahhhhhh, temporary bliss. I headed back after a while and started folding my laundry at record speed but clearly not fast enough as I got regular visits from CD who put enough quarters in a dryer for his preshuz speshul towels to go for about a completely unnecessary hour and a half (I'd hope they spontaneously combust if it wouldn't inconvenience everyone else)

Anyhoo, CD seemed to finally get the hint when I stopped responding all together and wandered away. Alas, I found that Fridays must be Crazy Racist Day at that laundromat so note to self: no more Fridays. Some other crazy middle aged white dude came stalking into the laundromat and bellowed out whether anyone had seen a phone. Everyone there (probably about oh, 10 or so of us now) shrugged and mumbled no and went back to our clothing. He proceeded to give the side-eye to anyone non-white and stomped around looking for his lost phone and grouchily ranting about it.

Then he came back about five minutes later and came RIGHT up to me and asked if I had a cell phone. I lied and said the battery was dead and turned back to my folding. He started ranting about IF someone stole his phone, how he was going to be in jail since he was going to go off on them. Then I actually clenched my fists when he said "Yeah, there's too many spics and spooks in here today." I was FURIOUS but I kept it in check and muttered about it being Crazy Racist Day at the laundromat. Mentally, I was ranting.

Asshole, just because I'm white, it doesn't mean that I give a shit about your LOST phone. NO ONE stole it, not the sweet little Latina ladies who gave me a smile when they caught me rolling my eyes at CD, not the black lady that was talking on her bluetooth and then went silent and frankly, looked frightened that you might attack her and certainly not the lone black dude that was dutifully pre-treating his clothing and didn't look up since I'm pretty sure he thought you were going to go after him as well. You fuck right the hell OFF.

The racist jackass proceeded to go up and browbeat the quiet Asian laundry attendant who gave him the laundromat phone to make a phone call. I was kind of hoping she would have lobbed it at his cranium. Luckily for me I was done folding my stuff and could vacate the premises before I gave into the urge to pick up a laundry cart to bludgeon the asshole with.

Going to try to put that unpleasantness behind me and try to have a better weekend. It saddens me to know that folks with more pigment are undoubtedly going to have a much harder time than I will today - and most other days because of jerkoffs like that. :(
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Wegmans is at risk of losing a good customer because today's grocery trip was an epic fail. I'd been going more to Trader Joe's of late and even sometimes Stop and Shop and Target since they're so much closer to me but I'm usually a pretty loyal Wegmans shopper and am there at least every other week, sometimes weekly. Heck, I've (only half jokingly) referred to them as my "holy land" to people. I'm even one of their speshul "Insiders" that takes surveys and such. I've overlooked their lapses in the past - especially when it comes to the shitty job of bagging their people do. But today...well...it was pretty darned pathetic.

Last week I shopped at Trader Joe's, mainly because they have my favorite biscotti and I wanted to stock up and I didn't need much else. I'd bought a bag of the cauliflower crumbles there in hopes of trying out that low-carb low-cal option but my one vegetable bin has been weird in that veggies have been going bad entirely too fast and the crumbles were the victim of the wonky drawer. I've since taken out the drawers and cleaned them with vinegar even though they didn't seem dirty at all and have higher hopes of the stuff lasting longer.

Schlepping down to Princeton on 1 can get annoying and it never dipped below the mid 70s last night so I didn't feel like the trip. Instead I opted for the Woodbridge Wegmans, thinking I could do some one-stop shopping and get good stuff. Boy, what a disappointment. I walk in and it seems that the only thing in the produce area that's stocked decently are their pre-cut veggies. Makes sense to them since they make more money on them but holy CRAP there was absolutely NO way I was going to pay - wait for it - SEVEN DOLLARS for a small pound package of cauliflower rice. It's not like it was blessed by magical flipping fairies. They ran it through a food processor and slapped it in a package. Yeah, sure, I could've gotten a whole cauliflower and dug out my little food processor but I admit in the summer, I get lazy. I hardly want to cook, much less do much prep. So no trying the cauliflower rice this week. 

I saw a sign that advertised sushi made with said cauliflower rice which would've been fun to try but no shock that none was prepared. I do like to indulge in Wegmans sushi since it's good and it's my post-shopping treat. I go relatively early but I'm thinking by nearly 9am on a weekend there should be a pretty decent selection. Nope. In fact there was hardy anything in the sushi bar at all. I reluctantly opted for the skinny rolls which I'll eat for lunch. (Note to Trader Joes, improve your sushi, PLEASE). 

The meat section was barely stocked with the exception of all of the big bold FAMILY PACK shit that as a single gal with a not-so-big freezer is wasted on me. I've noted that in many a survey. Not that it's been paid attention to. Aside from some pre-cut lunchmeat - since I wasn't waiting in the massive crowd to get someone to slice something from the deli - I mentally calculated that I had enough in my fridge and freezer for meats to get me through the week. 

I rounded back to the produce and it was still barely stocked. Many, many empty bins where there could've been fresh produce yet stockers slowly rolling by and chatting with coworkers. You're losing a good chunk of money if you don't have stuff ready to grab on weekend mornings, guys. That and is there some reason you don't schedule people to come early and stock so it's not a mad crush of carts trying to buy crap?

I managed to get a few things that looked respectable enough and hit the regular part of the store. Ugh. Even more chaos and empty shelves. When I finally mentally sighed "yeah, that's enough," I headed to the registers and was lucky to find one that was ready to go. If things had been better, I would've had to wait longer since I would've lingered and bought more. But by this point I was ready to get my shit and get the hell out of there. I had to quickly toss things on the conveyer belt and the checker asked if I wanted to bag in the ones I brought which I said yes, I did. I got to the front as fast as possible but evidently not fast enough for her since she started grabbing bags and stuffing things inside them. 

I would've been grateful for that IF it weren't for the fact that she was filling them to the brim and making them heavy as hell and when I mentioned that I had cold bags (since it was already 80+F outside), she ignored me. One bag had to be over 15 pounds with my eggs balanced precariously on top. Asshat. I checked out and moved to the side and rebagged my things as not to have a disaster, to put cold and frozen things in the cold bags and so the damned straps wouldn't break from the weight. (Hey, it happened to my friend I was shopping with one time at this same store when they completely overloaded her bags and she lifted one and KABOOM. Juice went everywhere.)

Anyway, it was annoying at best. I think for a while I'm going to make the trek to TJs and fill in with other grocery stores with better prices and such. Hell, if the Target stores near me start getting more diversity and more local produce and maybe fresh deli and meats, you'll be in serious trouble of me being a regular customer there instead, Wegmans. 
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My sister was the one that told me, interestingly enough. She called me from Ohio and shocked me with the news that Alan Rickman had died. Though I was still trying to get my bearings (back is kaput for the DW folks that weren't aware), I had to fire up the PC to double check. It took a while before it appeared on the morning news and though I know David Bowie had a much larger footprint, I was hoping to see him mentioned more since he had such an effect on my life.

It's not a stretch to give him credit for changing everything for me. I connected with some fabulous ladies - and a few guys - starting on the WB boards due to his role as Snape, I started writing fanfic, did online rp and then it got even more wild. Upon one of my online buddy's prodding, I traveled to NYC and saw AR (as we know him) on Broadway and stagedoored and met him. Then after that when another online buddy was going to NYC, I returned to go with both buddies to see him again and even had him autograph smutty fanfic which I sent to [personal profile] miss_s_b 

THEN I was convinced by veritasema to interview for a job and since I'd actually been to NJ (and found it wasn't so scary), I went for it and moved from small hellhole city in Ohio to NJ. This is something I never would've thought I'd do. I've lived with these friends, I've visited the UK twice, met MANY of the online fellow AR/HP fans and still keep in touch with many of them. When I talked to my parents, I reminded them that if weren't for Alan Rickman, Mom probably never would've gone to the UK since I took them on the second visit.

It boggles my mind to think that yeah, Alan Rickman made my life go in a complete 180 - and in a good way. Thanks Alan

On Slash

Nov. 15th, 2015 12:42 pm
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Kind of more specifically, on the appeal of Slash to heterosexual women (or I guess hetero men since that would be even more confusing to me). It's something I've never quite understood why a woman who fangirls guys would find slash fic/art/etc. appealing. Not that I'm condemning it because hey, different strokes for different folks but when something confuses me, I like to try to figure it out.

Emily and I were having a chat this morning at breakfast at the bagel place and she was telling me about the quirks of K-Pop fandom. Evidently it's a big no no for the K-Pop members to be seen holding a woman's hand or touching her because that would be inappropriate but evidently not only is the implication of slash ok, it's almost encouraged in the genre - even though homosexuality is seen as taboo in Korean culture. What? That confused me even more.

When it comes to fandom and especially fic, my fantasy would be to place myself in the role of the woman which leads me to wonder. For a slash fan, are you placing yourself mentally in the role of one of the males in the scenario? Are you just an observer? Are you something else? That made me wonder if my imagination is actually too linear with a complete preference on het. That I'm not thinking creatively enough or are somehow too "vanilla" to enjoy an alternative setting. 

Or does a slash fan prefer it because like with the K-Pop thing, it's "safe" insofar as if the object of desire is seen as "taken" that they lose their appeal somehow because it pops the bubble of the person putting themselves into the fantasy?

Emily also brought up another good point. By pairing two male objects of desire together, is way to have a kind of a two-for-one deal? Additionally, is it also a way to manipulate your view of the usual role the males play - such as making the usually less dominant one be the lead and the more dominant one taking the more submissive role? Either way, I still wouldn't understand the appeal since it would bring me back to my original confusion at not being able to insert myself in the scenario.

Interesting thought with that choice of words - a threesome with a female added in does appeal to me. But that likely is a ramble for a different day.

Thoughts? Opinions? I'm interested to know!
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 I'm taking this afternoon off to take JonJon to the vet for his shots. I anticipate kitty draahmaaah. I have the carrier out in the open and both kitties last night were jumping in and out of the open top. Yeah, won't be so much fun when I have to shut the lid. I have to make sure to catch JonJon and cram him in there in one go because if he gets away, he'll be ZOOM under the bed or couch. I'm going to ask if they have the multi-year rabies vaccine though I don't think they do. My kitties are strictly indoor so it seems overkill to get the shot every year and also, I'd like to take them to the vet every other year instead of every year if it's doable. The drama doesn't stop when I get home since then he smells like vet and JuneBug is nasty to him and it takes a minimum of a good day before they're ok with each other again.

Speaking of the kittylumps, I was getting nostalgic and looked up this video that someone took when they were both stray kitties at the shelter together. 
I didn't adopt them at the same time. I got JuneBug first and then decided she needed a friend. The two were NOT getting along and I was just about to return JonJon until I was sent this video. Ms. Sassypants JuneBug was BUSTED in that she did get along with him before...lol sort of...The two still get into their scrapes now and then - interestingly moreso when I'm hormonal. But for the most part they tolerate each other well enough.
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I used to be a night owl for years but thanks to the kitties, I get up at 4am nowadays. Unless I've had a rough time staying asleep, it's really not that big of a deal to me. I should've gotten to the gym but Monday always gets away from me as it's 6:45 and I still need to get dressed for work. Some folks at Buzzfeed tried an experiment to turn from night owls to early birds

I know it's for the internet drama but geez, the whining. I'm sure the first week, maybe two would be an annoying adjustment but it's not THAT bad. If the shoe were on the foot (and I had weird sleeping-in cats), I'm sure that I'd be sleep deprived for a while since I'm sure I'd not be able to sleep past the double digits in the morning in one stretch but aside from being mildly grumbly for a few days, that's probably about it. I'd not be good viral video fodder for that experiment.

When it comes to being an early riser, night owls don't seem to understand that now when it gets around 9pm, I'm definitely ready to wrap things up and get home and get settled in to go to bed. I've been tempted to start a meetup group for early birds just so I could meet some new potential friends with similar schedules. Hm...
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The BFF and I went for a little fall drive before the last of the leaves dropped. Last weekend would've probably been the better one for colors but it wasn't bad. We first stopped down near Kingston near the Millstone River/D&R Canal. Cut for pics and such )It wasn't a crazy adventure but it was a nice one. 
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I would've thought that after more than a year of not taking Metformin that the monthly hell would fade away. Nooope. Still dealing with the gunk, the bloat, the cramps, the nausea and exhaustion and a nasty headache where I sometimes have the little floaty spots that say LAY DOWN to avoid a migraine kicking in. Thankfully I have plenty of sick days. Sure there's tons to do at work but I wouldn't be very useful if I dragged myself there so why bother?

I'd like to write about more but it's as if the brain doesn't want to tell the hands to bother. So for the non-whiny contribution, this video rocks

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Why Women With PCOS Are More Likely to Have Anxiety

It's not just the mere fact that the hormones are "out of whack" causing my depression and anxiety but evidently there's now proof of it? I feel validated. It's interesting that the Metformin I took for years which finally somewhat regulated my monthly cycles but I still had the anxiety hardcore. So the damage is done. Hopefully they can develop some meds which figure out how to REALLY fix the imbalance.
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I may or may not have greeted the upstairs neighbor, but if it wasn't her, it may be someone living below her. I'd have introduced myself but I was heading to the car to go to work this morning and I didn't put on a jacket and it was chilly. But the brief interaction was pleasant and so next time I'll do the proper thing.

The neighbor thought came up since I'm wondering if it's her or someone else that might go outside to smoke. It wouldn't be so bad but after a lifetime of secondhand smoke from Mom and then not being exposed to it for years, I'm very sensitive to the smell when it drifts in from the window fans.  Hopefully they heard my coughing as I switched one of the fans to outside circulation and mayyyybe will walk a little further from below my window. Hopefully.
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It's getting into the 70s again and it had best check itself out there since I don't want any heat waves THINKING about hanging out. I don't think it's forecast to get any warmer but I thought it needed said. Summer was LONG ENOUGH and I want a nice stretch of cool/cold (but not insanely cold) AUTUMN weather, dagnabbit.

I still haven't had a nice cup of mulled apple cider yet or even had some real orchard-picked apples yet. The leaves haven't all completely fallen and a few trees even have those nice deep red colored leaves. Love those. 

In other November news, who voted today? I normally wouldn't bother for local stuff but I actually know one of the candidates for school board so had to show my support, y'know!

Yeah, that's all I've got for now. Busy day!

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Mondays are always so...so...very MONDAY, aren't they? I busted butt this morning to get two people transferred from their temporary jobs to full-time ones, speeding the process along per request of their boss. All yays and thank yous until it dawned on them that they'd be losing a few vacation days because they didn't use them up before the switchover. Cue the drama and the pouting and stomping via email. I stood firm, though, that if they were concerned about this, they should've inquired before signing the offer letter. They also bellyached that until July of next year, they'd be getting .25 days less per month of vacation due to policy. Again, the disclaimer was stated in the letter that they each signed. 

It was the bummer to have to lay down the law to essentially tell them both that it was their responsibility to check and that the process has already gone through and can't be cancelled. They pretty much knew they were shoo-ins for these jobs for a couple of months so there's no real excuse for them not to have checked before things were already done.They stopped grousing...for now...but if I get any guff from them, I intend to point out that if they're all about disclosures, that the clock starts on their new probationary period as of today. If they piss off their boss guy, they are still at-will employees for the next 90 days. 

There's other work-related annoyances but again - Monday - so it's expected. Ah well.

But as far as looking forward to the weekend, on Saturday I'm hopefully going to be going to the wonderfulness that is IKEA and meeting up with buddies. Huzzah! Not that I need anything much but hey, it's IKEA. If nothing else, for the meatballs, right? Also, it looks like the weather is going to get colder again and yesterday I bought one of those mini ice-cream scoops to use to make uniform-sized cookies. I'll be experimenting with using a stevia-brown sugar blend to try to reduce the sugar content. Anyone ever bake with that before? Sure there'll still be butter in them since I'm not THAT insane but I thought some experimentation was called for.

I do wish the pilot light on the oven was slightly less fussy but once I get it going, it seems to keep a nice, consistent temperature so I'll deal with a reluctant pilot. I hope the weather outside is decently chilly come Thanksgiving so I don't have to counteract the heat inside with AC to make my little meal that day. It'll likely be me and the kitties again but I would like to observe the day when it comes. 
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