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This morning on the news, someone announced that 232 years ago today back in 1785, correspondence from Benjamin Franklin with the first illustration of bifocal glasses occurred. 

Interesting timing hearing that since yesterday I finally had to suck it up and get bifocals. I'm going for the non-line ones which I hope I can adjust to quickly enough. Since Sears Optical had their usual BOGO deal, for the second pair, I ordered non-bifocal "computer glasses" so I won't have to do that annoying thing of tilting my head back to read stuff on the screen. I got that pair with some sassy blue frames. The regular pair is a darker purple in back and a tortoiseshell pattern in front.  

Though you'd think after something is around for 232 years that they wouldn't be so darned expensive. Bah.
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52 is entirely too young. Wow. He was one of my favorites, be it in Soundgarden, Audioslave, solo, etc. Just the other day, this came on the radio as I was driving home and it always makes me have a bittersweet smile - it will more so now.

Since my Mom's a huge rock fan, she's going to be bummed by this. One of her favorite songs from the pop Christmas albums is his version of Ave Maria

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I wouldn't have been any more surprised if the ENT would have proclaimed loudly "BORING!" and walked out.

Evidently by my CT scan I have super duper clean lovely sinuses...yet I have sinusitis. Whut? Oh, he's thinking it's migraines. Yes, I take BP meds because my GP diagnosed me with a month-long migraine. It helped for a while but I guess not anymore. He says I should to go a neurologist and get on meds.

But my major concern today was redness inside my lips and burning inside my mouth when I eat as well as a lump below my tongue. The lump started last week and I assumed it was probably a salivary stone since Mom gets those so I upped the water intake and started doing hard candy. It helped it go down some. But the mouth thing sprung up suddenly yesterday morning. This ENT doesn't seem to give a shit and yes, actually told me I was too healthy for him and dismissed me.

Guess since I'm not interesting enough or not dying of cancer, I'm not worthy of decent treatment? Yeah, fuck that dude. Well, for now I got some dry mouth gel, I'm going to make a much better effort to eat, exercise and otherwise live healthier and see where that takes me before I start doctor hopping again because clearly they don't give a shit.
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Since FB can be the breeding ground for drama, I'm being especially brave. But hey, it's one more place to check in and keep myself accountable so no risk, no reward!

Any and all interested folks are welcome to join the Vegan Week Challenge group on Facebook which the first one starts on Tuesday May 30 (post Memorial Day weekend because I'm nice) and ends Monday June 5 - well, unless you keep going!

Hopefully it will be the first of many. I could stand a regular kick in the pants to eat well and do right by the world. 
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Hey [personal profile] veganhothead  I think it might be time for me to do another Vegan Week challenge and invite others if they're game. Whattya think? Maybe x-post it to FB. FYI, there's a Food Porn forum with some vegan folks that just joined if you want to be added? It's not all vegan but the new folks do post some seriously yummy looking stuff.

I need to improve my diet and need to get exercising and you'd think that with Summer coming it's be easier since that's when everyone gets all energized but I'm exactly the opposite since I'm a sun and heat avoider. So if I make it a personal challenge and get habits to stick through this rough period, it should help.

I need to use some bits up and do some pondering for what to eat so hm...Could start the end of this month? Anyone else feel like joining in?

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It's a cool and very rainy day today. I went for a short trip out to pick up a few groceries that I forgot the other day and to get a lovely loaf of bread from Paris Baguette. My favorite varieties are their multigrain and the pumpkin with black sesame that I picked up this morning
I've gotten into the whole "avocado toast" craze, which wasn't a stretch since I've always been a big fan of avocados for breakfast, adding them to omelets and such. I saw the stupidest things on the news yesterday that there are some people trying to lobby for a warning label to be put on avocados because dopes aren't being careful when trying to cut them and are stabbing their hands. Give me a break. I've never heard of a call for a warning label on bagels (yeah, have sliced my hands a few times) or butternut squash, or pineapples. 

Anyway, it was a rather foolish choice to go out today. I walked out of the first of three places I'd planned to stop and promptly dropped my umbrella and broke it so that it wouldn't close. Then I found that I parked in a spot where I'd have to step in a trouser-hem-deep puddle to get to the driver's side door. I was a soggy mess when I got home. 

My downstairs neighbors are moving out today and I would've gone down to wish them well but it looked like they were struggling enough with the rain and moving furniture. Poor things. Besides, I did get to run into Natalie yesterday who was about ready to pack the kitties up to move them. This morning she texted me a sweet picture of kittyboy Miles enjoying their new sliding door. I'll text her in a couple of weeks and see when she's around campus if she wants to get lunch or something. 

Once I got dried off, the rain did its work of lulling me into a nap. The kitties have been out cold most of the day. Rainy cool days are the best for napping. I'm not looking forward to next week's weather. After a stretch of below-average temperatures which I was just fine with, it's supposed to suddenly jump to near 90 by mid week. Sheesh. I mean I know summer has to come but could there at least be a gradual introduction? 

Suffice it to say, I got some ham to go with the bread and some other frozen meals and toss-together stuff for the nasty days since I don't want to heat up the apartment by cooking much.
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I'm chipping away at my vacation days bit by bit. Today I ran errands and made sure to pick up groceries since Saturday is forecast to be rainy and nasty and Sunday is going to be iffy to get around with Rutgers graduation being down River Road.

While on a quick Target visit (to get more spray to battle the car ants, I'm making progress), I found some little $3 battery operated lights and when I got home, I put them above the little hippy-dippy banner I have hanging across the entrance to the hall that leads to the bedroom on the right and bathroom on the left.

Just a little thing to make me smile 
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This time it's in the car with the ant issues. I had this problem about this time last year. The bits of green stuff and pollen falls from the tree and in front of my assigned spot is a leafy underbrush area. It's been moist so the little boogers are somehow making their way in around the door frame and having ant conferences or something. I don't have any food or drink in the car so it's the environment. I freaked when there were a billion of them around the door frames. I went out with a bottle of orange cleaner at work and killed and wiped away tons of them.

It was bothering me so I took this afternoon off and started off at the car wash. The car got a thorough scrubbing on the outside, including an underbody wash and I vacuumed the hell out of it - especially around all the seals. I then went out and purchased some ant baits with adhesive to put near the doors of the car on the inside as well as some ant stakes that I shoved a ton of them in the ground in front of my parking spot. Right now my car is parked on the nearby street which I'll try to do this for at least several days in the hopes that the stakes will start to do their job. I saw some ants in the passenger side doorframe when I got home so I'm not done with the battle yet but if I stay vigilant, I should be able to get rid of the worst of them soon.

I saw my nice downstairs neighbors as I was walking over to do the staking and asked her whether she's had any problems with ants. She said she didn't notice a problem with her car but that she and her boyfriend have been plagued by them in the apartment. I'm still seeing them in mine too, mostly in the kitchen but far, far less since I've been obsessed with eradicating them. By the way, diatomaceous earth hasn't done diddly for me, I'm afraid. I did put some ant bait gel in spots today so hopefully that slaughters more of the little bastards. 

But sad news for me, the nice neighbor is moving in about a month. Awww. But it's good for her since her boyfriend works in Pennsylvania so they're moving to a place in NJ that'll be about equal distance for him to drive to work and for her to drive to our campus. Going to miss her and her kitties that say hi.
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I decided to give Door to Door Organics a go since they were offering a $10 off thing for your first order. I received it today and turned right around and cancelled my account so I don't get any more.

I wasn't all that concerned with the "organic"ness of the food since conventional is just fine but I had hoped they'd have a focus on quality. On the "bitty box" order that I placed, my single tiny jalapeno was wrinkly, the roma tomatoes weren't near the ice pack yet were rather frigid so they'd been refrigerated (a SIN!), the cilantro was floppy, the fresh cut mango looks rather underripe and they put my bag of snapea crisps under one of the ice packs and a can of grape leaves so it was somewhat smushed.

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In my flurry of Sunday morning errands, one stop was at Petco to pick up a bag of kitty litter. I got there right when they opened and evidently they were still getting stuff squared away as I had to wait a few minutes up at the checkout for someone to arrive. Another guy with a full cart of dog stuff rolled up and then a worker finally arrived.

I'll admit, the look of the worker was confusing. I honestly couldn't tell you whether it was a nineteen year old girl with a pixie cut or a twelve year old guy (or something in between or undefined). I was bemused but less so by the hard-to-identify gender of said person as the thought that if it were the latter guess, was he really old enough to be employed. 

I can get the age thing, though, but my experience was the complete opposite. When I was sixteen, an age guesser thought I was thirty-two and didn't believe me until I dug out my ID (and not even a drivers license at that point). When I was eighteen and working my first non-paper-route "job" doing cold calls for a low-budget Olan MIlls sort of place, I decided to get a picture done with my BFF since we got a free one. I walked in and the photographer commented "Oh! A mother-daughter portrait!" My BFF was two months older than I was. I've never been carded unless it was a situation where everyone gets carded. I have been lucky enough to have finally visually caught up to my age as I actually get guessed as younger than I am now. 

Not sure how long it'll take for the Petco employee to not be seen as a kid and I idly wonder if the androgynous look is intentional in relation to the age thing. But whatever it is, hey, you do you, Ray. You do you.
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Feel free to share this post since it may be very helpful for those migrating to DW.

I'd been using my photobucket account to post pictures on DW since there's no upload function within the posting screen in DW. Unfortunately photobucket's website has become a complete nightmare of pop up and pop under ads, slow loading, sometimes NO loading, etc.

I tweeted the lovely [personal profile] miss_s_b who also made a very useful DW post here . She mentioned that the clearly-smarter-than-me [personal profile] matgb said there was photo hosting on DW.

A. He's totally right
B. Check these instructions in the FAQ. How do I use Dreamwidth's image hosting? How do I manage my images once they've been uploaded?
C. Duh. I feel like a dope for assuming that since I  couldn't do it while posting that it didn't exist. Everyone gets 500MB of space. Sure, you may need more but at least it's there for easy access

Share away!

Tagging [personal profile] st_crispins  who was in my same boat
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I don't schlep out to the mailboxes every day since I get most bills electronically and also because they're not conveniently placed from either my parking spot or apartment. So I usually go a couple of times per week unless I'm expecting something that'll fit into the boxes. I noticed a letter from the apartment management that clearly must have come early this week.

The letter was a notice to everyone that nothing is allowed to be placed outside, that everything has to be inside. This sucks since I was planning to grow some mint, catnip and basil in a few small-ish pots and maybe put my pretty outdoor rug out again. Look at last year - isn't it pretty?

But I can't be TOO mad at the complex because it wasn't people like me that caused the problem. They included a few sample pictures which most of them must be from the building across from mine. There were
  • Bikes strewn everywhere and overlapping the sidewalk
  • Giant plastic houses for kids and shit-tons of plastic kiddy toys strewn on the tiny lawn
  • Multiple huge plastic bins of who-the-hell-knows-what stacked up. 
  • Multiple chairs, benches and tables on the fire escapes or on the tiny porches.

Thanks assholes for ruining it for the rest of us since you couldn't keep things neat and relatively out of the way. However I did get a positive response this morning from the admin gal at the complex. I emailed saying that I was bummed that we couldn't have small decorative items but I understood that some folks go overboard. However, I suggested that it would be a good idea and really instill a good sense of community if they might think about installing bike racks. I mentioned that there was an area on one side of the buildings where the ground is mostly dirt because the overhanging trees keep grass from going. Putting down some gravel and a couple of bike racks would look more attractive and will likely make folks happy. She thought it was a great idea and said she'd talk to her bosses about it.

If that happens, I might actually get a bike
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Yeah sure, change of seasons, warmer, yay. That just means ANTS for me. Doesn't matter that I'm now on the 2nd floor or that I keep the food and water sources tightly secured and wipe the counters and clean the floors constantly. I'm cursed with the tiny little ant bastards.

I've placed ant traps in places kitties can't get to, I've cleaned the door jambs and about everything else with vinegar and I've sprayed with pet safe mint ant killer. Yet they persist. I think my next step is to roll by Home Depot at lunchtime and buy some caulk to find and seal every itty bitty area where they may be sneaking in. I've noticed (and reported though the landlords seem unconcerned) that there are places where clearly the foundation is moving as there are in some places huge gaps below the baseboards. 

It's probably the same amount of ants that everyone else deals with but after the trauma of the previous ground floor apartment where I was absolutely overrun with them no matter what I did, I'm super paranoid about them even though I'm aware that they're essentially harmless.

Other ideas and possible solutions oh so very much welcomed. Oh and on a better note, I'll be picking up some bits there to start some seeds to plant some ornamental tiny mint and catnip outside and maybe some flowers. Partially for the ant deterrent benefit, mostly for the pretty.
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The forecast has been updated that starting later tonight and through tomorrow, we're now under a blizzard warning with a minimum of 18 inches of snow up to 24+ inches. Greeeeeeeat.

Yesterday while at Target getting that body pillow (really helped, by the way), I found a collapsable shovel on clearance at Target today and bought it and left it on my downstairs neighbor's porch as a gift. She keeps forgetting to buy one and she's certainly going to need one.

As thanks, she left me a full quart of homemade chicken corn chowder with dumplings. I think I got the better end of this deal.
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They caught the dirtbag that attacked the woman

Unfortunately it looks like the SOB is a serial attacker but I'm thinking he decided to mess around in the WRONG community since I don't see Highland Park folks putting up with him getting a slap on the wrist, not with the laundry list of charges they have against him now.
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There's a more detailed description of the jackass that assaulted the woman around the corner from where I live. The guy better be long gone because the police in HP are good as well as it's a tight community of people that will be watching. I'm still nervous though since he nabbed the woman in a well populated area in daylight. I'm wondering whether it would be worth getting something like pepper spray or whether that would be more of a problem. Hm.

Anyway, then some excitement this morning. I walk into the building at work to a very weird smell which got stronger the closer I got to our suite of offices. Evidently one of the ballasts on the lights was smouldering and about to start a fire. Before I arrived a bit before 8am, four fire trucks had already been here and gone and we're waiting for the useless Rutgers facilities folks to come check it out whenever they get around to it now.

The really scary thing? I was the last to leave the office last night. If I had left the lights on, there's a high chance that our building would've burned last night since right below those lights are shelves with books - some over 140 years old. What we think happened is that the cleaning lady got in to start her job between 5-6am and when she came into our suite to collect trash, she left the lights on since we come in not long after that. 

Hoolleeee crap.
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Someone posted on a local FB group wondering about a police presence at an apartment complex a couple of streets away from me. This morning there were multiple copies of this post on different local FB pages, sent out via email and also a robocall from the local PD:

An assault took place on February 19, 2017 at approximately 5:30pm by an unknown male. The assailant confronted the victim at South 1st Avenue and Johnson Street and forced her to walk to Harper Street, where the assault took place.
The suspect has not yet been apprehended and an active investigation is underway by the Highland Park Police Department and the Middlesex County Prosecutor’s Office.
If anyone has any information, please call the Highland Park Police Department at 732-572-3800 or Middlesex County Crime Stoppers at 800-939-9600

That's pretty darned scary as I live only over on 2nd, not too far away but I see several problems.
Was this dude armed? Knife? Gun? Boomerang?
What does he look like? Was he a peg-legged pirate? A hasidic Jew? A grizzly old white dude? 
Did he run off in a particular direction? Toward the neighboring town with the bigger crime problem, perhaps?
Did the victim know him? That would make a BIG difference.

It seems rather irresponsible to send out this huge alert yet give no details. It does nothing but scare people. Dopes.

EDIT: Holy CRAP at the news article! Gunman forced woman into basement, sexually assaulted her, cops say

STILL no freaking description. What gives?!?!
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I'd just fed the kitties wet food about 4:30 and sprinkling the FortiFlora atop Junie's food which she LOVES (still some occasional poo incidents but I'll give it another week before consulting the vet). About fifteen minute later, I was sitting and snuffling and sneezing on the couch in the living room and though I'd seen the kitties go in there, neither one was sitting on top of the cabinet near the window. 

I leaned over a bit and saw JonJon crouching near the door and was confused. Then I heard an odd soft kerflump noise and leaned further over and my jaw dropped. Naughty little Junie had jumped on the Forbidden Kitchen Counter and had nabbed the leftover pack of Fortiflora (I divide the contents of the packet over the day and fold over the top and leave it on the counter all day). She was batting it around the floor trying to figure out how to get into it and I walked in and scolded her. JonJon was off like a shot into the living room, looking all guilty. Junie, being the mini imp that she is just looked at me with a "What?" expression like what she did was fine. 

I put the packet inside a cabinet and waggled my finger at her calling her a bad girl - albeit while laughing. That little snot jumped right back up on the counter so I got the squirt bottle and gave her a shot of water to make her hop off. Not more than five minutes later, BOTH little boogers were up on the counter but when I stalked in, they ran off.

Well, CLEARLY I can't leave that kitty-crack FortiFlora out anymore. lol


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