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Hey [personal profile] veganhothead  I think it might be time for me to do another Vegan Week challenge and invite others if they're game. Whattya think? Maybe x-post it to FB. FYI, there's a Food Porn forum with some vegan folks that just joined if you want to be added? It's not all vegan but the new folks do post some seriously yummy looking stuff.

I need to improve my diet and need to get exercising and you'd think that with Summer coming it's be easier since that's when everyone gets all energized but I'm exactly the opposite since I'm a sun and heat avoider. So if I make it a personal challenge and get habits to stick through this rough period, it should help.

I need to use some bits up and do some pondering for what to eat so hm...Could start the end of this month? Anyone else feel like joining in?


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