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This morning on the news, someone announced that 232 years ago today back in 1785, correspondence from Benjamin Franklin with the first illustration of bifocal glasses occurred. 

Interesting timing hearing that since yesterday I finally had to suck it up and get bifocals. I'm going for the non-line ones which I hope I can adjust to quickly enough. Since Sears Optical had their usual BOGO deal, for the second pair, I ordered non-bifocal "computer glasses" so I won't have to do that annoying thing of tilting my head back to read stuff on the screen. I got that pair with some sassy blue frames. The regular pair is a darker purple in back and a tortoiseshell pattern in front.  

Though you'd think after something is around for 232 years that they wouldn't be so darned expensive. Bah.

Date: 23 May 2017 13:22 (UTC)
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James is on those now, too. I'm still grimly clinging to normal ones.


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