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Dad called to ask me whether we ate at Antoine's on the one time we went to New Orleans (pre-Katrina). We hadn't, but I told him the reason why it was familiar to him is because I have a menu from a place in NO with a similar name - Arnaud's - that I found in an antique shop in Ohio and at the last place I live, I turned scans of it into a wall-long mural. It didn't come down from the wall in good enough shape to transport but I could have it made again sometime. The gallery with the scans of the old menu are here with other vintage menus on my flickr gallery

He asked because there was this piece on CBS Sunday Morning

I wish we would have gone there since they clearly value their people and their customers. Maybe I'll get the chance sometime. For the record, we didn't go to Arnaud's either. I am wondering about the menu and prices for a place ther around the Civil War!

Makes me wonder - any of you have a place like this that you frequent? I do get along well and like to visit my local Ruthie's Bagels regularly. I'm FB friends with the owner even.

(Posted on my LJ in public, if anyone feels like sharing in a comm for more feedback, that would be cool)
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The Case for Bad Coffee

Someone posted this to the Food Porn group I belong to on FB and I agreed with the article and replied with this:
I love this. I also love bad coffee. Even though my first "real" job was at a horribly-run Dunkin Donuts too many years ago than I can count, DD is now my favorite coffee to drink here in NJ. Maybe because the bad memories of the past are now replaced with NJ’s love of Dunkies and how I like living here.

I’m actually disliking our little local coffeehouse every day and, in turn, disliking the taste of their coffee. They’re over the TOP with the pour-over, fancy-schmancy super-duper blend, we-will-NEVER-offer-Splenda-you-plebe crap. It’s always chock full of hipsters hanging out for hours with their laptops and iPads and sometimes you can’t even sit and enjoy your drink due to them occupying every spot.

That said, I still hate Keurig. It tastes like melted plastic and faddishness.

In other news, evidently today is BOTH National Cat Day as well as National Hermit Day. I can't help but think the two compliment each other nicely. I just looked it up and it's also International Internet Day (with the Internetz being cat-owned this is getting freaky) and then National Oatmeal Day. Not getting the correlation on the last one but I'm thinking that there must be one. Anyone?


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