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So what are your plans for Thanksgiving and/or Christmas?

So far I'll be flying solo on Thanksgiving and likely checking in on the neighbor's kitty. Christmas might likely be the same. Between being unable to get a kittysitter and not really having the money (or inclination, really) to travel, it'll be another year of nothing going. I should try to do something, at least so I'll have to ponder.
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Why don't we just go sneak up to Canada and steal Justin? C'moooooon! You know ya wannnnaaa

Or maybe at least we can work a trade deal to send them back the "other" Justin
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I follow my new dermatologist on FB, the one that excised my pre-cancerous mole and will be doing regular checks. She or her admins posted this thing this morning
June 2nd is National Cancer Survivor Day. Shout out to all #melanoma and other cancer survivors out there! You are so strong and amazing!

I wonder. Does my little mole removal count for me as being a "cancer survivor"? Yeah, I do have a scar and when I raise my arm, you can see a pretty darned funky looking dimple but in the grand scheme of things, it's nothing compared to someone that's had real, invasive surgery and/or radiation or chemo. It's so small and I was very lucky to have caught it before it became "real" cancer.

I certainly don't feel brave or at all worthy of any accolades or credit (aside from getting off my pale ass and finally getting checked out). When I saw things like that before, it was foreign to me. Now it's familiar but not.

Don't know if I'm making any sense here. :/
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I would've thought that after more than a year of not taking Metformin that the monthly hell would fade away. Nooope. Still dealing with the gunk, the bloat, the cramps, the nausea and exhaustion and a nasty headache where I sometimes have the little floaty spots that say LAY DOWN to avoid a migraine kicking in. Thankfully I have plenty of sick days. Sure there's tons to do at work but I wouldn't be very useful if I dragged myself there so why bother?

I'd like to write about more but it's as if the brain doesn't want to tell the hands to bother. So for the non-whiny contribution, this video rocks


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