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When it takes you double the length of a movie to watch the movie and you make a Chinese soup run in the middle of it,you know you have the attention span of a gerbil hopped up on caffeine. Criminy my concentration levels are at an all time low.

And to top it off, Sol Madrid got cut off what I assume was pretty much a couple of minutes before the end. I'll only be bummed if I missed Robert Vaughn sauntering in and putting his hands in his pockets all Napoleon-casual-like. 
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Have Sol Madrid starting as we speak. The wackadoo font, wonky camerawork, cheesy music and creepy beginning doesn't bode well.

*steels self and lowers expectations* Well, David still looks as boy-pretty as always so that's hopeful. LOL

EDIT: Cranky Rip Torn is Cranky! Was that his M.O. back when? And talk about a dude that didn't age particularly well, Who knew he was kinda hot back when?

Oh this is pretty awful. But it's like fabulously awful. *gigglesnorts* And is David's character supposed to have an accent or not? It's like he can't decide.

Ok, ok, watching movie. LOL


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