17 February 2017

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I'd just fed the kitties wet food about 4:30 and sprinkling the FortiFlora atop Junie's food which she LOVES (still some occasional poo incidents but I'll give it another week before consulting the vet). About fifteen minute later, I was sitting and snuffling and sneezing on the couch in the living room and though I'd seen the kitties go in there, neither one was sitting on top of the cabinet near the window. 

I leaned over a bit and saw JonJon crouching near the door and was confused. Then I heard an odd soft kerflump noise and leaned further over and my jaw dropped. Naughty little Junie had jumped on the Forbidden Kitchen Counter and had nabbed the leftover pack of Fortiflora (I divide the contents of the packet over the day and fold over the top and leave it on the counter all day). She was batting it around the floor trying to figure out how to get into it and I walked in and scolded her. JonJon was off like a shot into the living room, looking all guilty. Junie, being the mini imp that she is just looked at me with a "What?" expression like what she did was fine. 

I put the packet inside a cabinet and waggled my finger at her calling her a bad girl - albeit while laughing. That little snot jumped right back up on the counter so I got the squirt bottle and gave her a shot of water to make her hop off. Not more than five minutes later, BOTH little boogers were up on the counter but when I stalked in, they ran off.

Well, CLEARLY I can't leave that kitty-crack FortiFlora out anymore. lol


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