12 April 2017

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Yeah sure, change of seasons, warmer, yay. That just means ANTS for me. Doesn't matter that I'm now on the 2nd floor or that I keep the food and water sources tightly secured and wipe the counters and clean the floors constantly. I'm cursed with the tiny little ant bastards.

I've placed ant traps in places kitties can't get to, I've cleaned the door jambs and about everything else with vinegar and I've sprayed with pet safe mint ant killer. Yet they persist. I think my next step is to roll by Home Depot at lunchtime and buy some caulk to find and seal every itty bitty area where they may be sneaking in. I've noticed (and reported though the landlords seem unconcerned) that there are places where clearly the foundation is moving as there are in some places huge gaps below the baseboards. 

It's probably the same amount of ants that everyone else deals with but after the trauma of the previous ground floor apartment where I was absolutely overrun with them no matter what I did, I'm super paranoid about them even though I'm aware that they're essentially harmless.

Other ideas and possible solutions oh so very much welcomed. Oh and on a better note, I'll be picking up some bits there to start some seeds to plant some ornamental tiny mint and catnip outside and maybe some flowers. Partially for the ant deterrent benefit, mostly for the pretty.


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