26 May 2017

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The Vegan Week Challenge start next Tuesday the 30th! I've already got a lot of ideas like polenta with a wild mushroom topping, summer corn chowder, fancy avocado toast, etc. For those of you that were curious about eating more veggies and such but juuuuust can't commit for a whole week for whatever reason, I've broadened the scope of the Facebook group if you'd like to join. It's now:

Part time vegetarians & vegans who love them

Also, thank you and hugs to anyone I may have forgotten to thank for lovely birthday wishes! It would have gone better if poor Emily hadn't sat on a piece of broken glass right when we got to the lounge last night and had to ask them for a bandaid and it left a hole in her pants. But hopefully we'll negate that bummer with a trip tomorrow to NYC to stroll around the Met Museum and go in search of the illusive ice cream rolls.

I'd have more to post but it's been one crazy CRAZY busy week at work and I'm pooped. It's so weird that I actually now have various "meetings" that I'm a key person to attend now. It used to be that my calendar was pretty blank except for personal stuff. 

Oh! And I have my new glasses. I'll keep the computer glasses at work and I'm slowly adjusting to the progressive bifocals. 


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