30 July 2017

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I've noticed that firefly season must be over since I'm not seeing the tell tale twilight blinking lately. It was fun while it lasted, especially for JonJon who since I've been going to bed around peak firefly activity time, I was entertained watching him be entertained looking out the window and twitching his head toward the light when a firefly's glow went off. Looking it up, there's a chance if the environment is just so, we may see them again this summer. Hope so.

This, however, is Firefly watching, epic level. Also educational.

Growing up, we called them "lightning bugs" but "firefly" is a prettier word. I remember catching them in a jar when I was a kid.
Ever do that too? 
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Kedi was absolutely gorgeous. Lovely little stories about the kitties and their unique situation in Istanbul. The many panoramic visuals of the city and the tiny colorful details were stunning. I'm also wondering how they filmed some of the things where they follow the cats at close range.

It may be available to purchase on YouTube in non-US locations. If it's not too expensive, go for it. You won't regret it, especially if you love cats. 


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