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I don't schlep out to the mailboxes every day since I get most bills electronically and also because they're not conveniently placed from either my parking spot or apartment. So I usually go a couple of times per week unless I'm expecting something that'll fit into the boxes. I noticed a letter from the apartment management that clearly must have come early this week.

The letter was a notice to everyone that nothing is allowed to be placed outside, that everything has to be inside. This sucks since I was planning to grow some mint, catnip and basil in a few small-ish pots and maybe put my pretty outdoor rug out again. Look at last year - isn't it pretty?

But I can't be TOO mad at the complex because it wasn't people like me that caused the problem. They included a few sample pictures which most of them must be from the building across from mine. There were
  • Bikes strewn everywhere and overlapping the sidewalk
  • Giant plastic houses for kids and shit-tons of plastic kiddy toys strewn on the tiny lawn
  • Multiple huge plastic bins of who-the-hell-knows-what stacked up. 
  • Multiple chairs, benches and tables on the fire escapes or on the tiny porches.

Thanks assholes for ruining it for the rest of us since you couldn't keep things neat and relatively out of the way. However I did get a positive response this morning from the admin gal at the complex. I emailed saying that I was bummed that we couldn't have small decorative items but I understood that some folks go overboard. However, I suggested that it would be a good idea and really instill a good sense of community if they might think about installing bike racks. I mentioned that there was an area on one side of the buildings where the ground is mostly dirt because the overhanging trees keep grass from going. Putting down some gravel and a couple of bike racks would look more attractive and will likely make folks happy. She thought it was a great idea and said she'd talk to her bosses about it.

If that happens, I might actually get a bike
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The Rutgers University Police Department is investigating a robbery which
was reported to have occurred on April 20, 2015 at the intersection of
Road One and Cedar Lane in Edison Township at approximately 7:30 PM.

In this incident the victim, who is affiliated, reported walking near the
intersection of Road One and Cedar Lane when she was approached by two
juvenile females who pushed her and then sprayed her with mace. One of the
perpetrators then removed the victim's cell phone from her pocket before
they both fled down Road One towards Road Three. The victim was
transported to a local area hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Holy CRAP, you know I can almost (but not quite) see that corner from my dining room window? At that time I was playing with the kitties before dinner. This is certainly one more reason to get the HELL out of this neighborhood.

Oh and slight picky thing - unless she was further down after the sidewalk ends, it's technically either Highland Park or Piscataway, not Edison. Not that it makes it any effect on the crime itself but HP needs to recognize problems over here.
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My new upstairs neighbors seem to be fans of music with bass. Joy


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