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The Case for Bad Coffee

Someone posted this to the Food Porn group I belong to on FB and I agreed with the article and replied with this:
I love this. I also love bad coffee. Even though my first "real" job was at a horribly-run Dunkin Donuts too many years ago than I can count, DD is now my favorite coffee to drink here in NJ. Maybe because the bad memories of the past are now replaced with NJ’s love of Dunkies and how I like living here.

I’m actually disliking our little local coffeehouse every day and, in turn, disliking the taste of their coffee. They’re over the TOP with the pour-over, fancy-schmancy super-duper blend, we-will-NEVER-offer-Splenda-you-plebe crap. It’s always chock full of hipsters hanging out for hours with their laptops and iPads and sometimes you can’t even sit and enjoy your drink due to them occupying every spot.

That said, I still hate Keurig. It tastes like melted plastic and faddishness.

In other news, evidently today is BOTH National Cat Day as well as National Hermit Day. I can't help but think the two compliment each other nicely. I just looked it up and it's also International Internet Day (with the Internetz being cat-owned this is getting freaky) and then National Oatmeal Day. Not getting the correlation on the last one but I'm thinking that there must be one. Anyone?
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The hormones are beating on the door so the brain is following along by shooting moods in many a direction. Considering that things in life are more chaotic than I'm used to dealing with, it's going to be a rough week. So if I either start randomly blathering or disappear, bear with me. That said, some brain regurgitation:

I've been seeing people posting and reposting a video on local groups on FB about the local HP coffee house. It's about the coffee house offering coffee cupping classes to teach people about "good quality coffee." Whatever. I was all supportive of the place when they opened since I love supporting local/small business places and love little homey coffee shops over Starcraps. (Starcraps actually does have some good policies but are ridic overpriced and I can't stomach their regular coffee)

This local place gets more pretentious by the day - not to mention more expensive. Lawd forbid you should want to put Splenda in your coffee. They don't offer it or any other non-sugar option other than Stevia which I personally think tastes like ass in coffee. I actually had someone once give me the side eye when I took a packet of the yellow persuation out of my purse to put in my pour-over fancy-schmancy free trade brown stuff. I swear it was an expression as if they saw me pull out a beaker of my own piss to pour in.

If I move to the place I'd like to move to in September, it'll be right around the corner which is a shame since they're far past starting to rub me the wrong way and unfortunately for as much as I love my little Dish Cafe for breakfast, Dish's coffee sucks. Guess that means that I'll be getting my exercise schlepping down to the Dunkin Donuts where they're fine with me dumping whatever I want in my horrible horrible shitty coffee. Screw ya snobby coffeehouse, I LIKE Dunkins. Call me a plebe if you want.


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