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My hometown, Marion, Ohio is keeping it classy yet again. A person on FB posted this photo of a billboard in town:
Marion Fat Shaming

Really? REALLY? Ok, I get that obesity is a problem but that's the best that they can do? No offers of "We can help! Call X" or anything, just straight up, 100% fat shaming. For a body that let's be honest, isn't THAT obese. It looks like a mom body that hasn't had the time or energy to get fit after birthing a baby.

That and Marion, Ohio, you have MUCH more critical issues to be spending people's taxpayer money on, perhaps such as doing more to help the drug addicts considering when it made big news about overdoses due to tainted heroin. Or maybe they can do something to combat racism since Marion Ohio is home to the largest KKK faction - the Brotherhood of Klans. If they don't want to tackle that, how about a billboard to let people know where to go to get help considering the poverty rate in Marion is several percentage points worse than the State of Ohio as a whole?

But nope, random non-helpful "LOSE WEIGHT FATTY!" billboards - so useful and totally encourage the people that had NO idea that they have a weight problem. Yeah.


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