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Kedi was absolutely gorgeous. Lovely little stories about the kitties and their unique situation in Istanbul. The many panoramic visuals of the city and the tiny colorful details were stunning. I'm also wondering how they filmed some of the things where they follow the cats at close range.

It may be available to purchase on YouTube in non-US locations. If it's not too expensive, go for it. You won't regret it, especially if you love cats. 
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Oh my GOSH. They made a movie about Florence Foster Jenkins!

If you don't know who she is you can check out her Wikipedia page. Or you can listen to the real deal - brace your ears!:

The top comment on this YouTube tells it - I played this loudly and I've never seen my cats more pissed.

I love my kitties so I shant assault their poor little ears by turning up the volume. 
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Just watched a gut-wrencher of a movie - Philomena. I can see why Judi Dench was nominated for an Academy Award for it since damn...she reaches right in and twists. Had more than one of those times where your eyes tear up and you get that tight, burning feeling in your throat from emotion. It's based off a book of which I don't know if I'm up for even more of a depress-a-thon in trying to read it. 

Besides, yesterday I started a book, A Place at the Table which by the parts I've read so far, I'm not expecting it to have a particularly happy ending but so far it's been rather interesting. It does feel like one of those books Oprah would approve of, though. I'm not one to go all Oprah Book Club but I wanted something different before going back to the usual cozy mysteries and young adult lit. 

Well, it'll be a short one here as I'm now typing one handed due to this one
Needy JonJon
JonJon says hello and that he wants Mommy to pay attention to HIM. He's a bit more whiny than usual because he's a bit constipated. He had some pumpkin in his food this morning so hopefully it takes care of the problem. Though I predict he'll still be needy. Because that's how he rolls.
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Watch Chef on Netflix because it's REAL food fabulousness.

Don't watch hungry.
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Inside Out is a fabulous little movie.

Do NOT forget tissues.


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