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If you have photos hosted on photobucket and you haven't yet gotten the email scolding you for using them on third party sites, go immediately there and back up your pictures. See article for details. It had been getting worse and worse for months with the absolute WORST glut of pop up, pop under and pop over ads to even see your pics or do anything. I had a sneaky feeling they were going to try something else so the other day I did the frustrating process of downloading them all (at least the ones I give a crap about) and backing them up on a flash drive and uploading them to google photos. Then this morning I got THE email.

I had already deleted my photos from their site before this so I had the great pleasure of going to their site and formally deleting my account. In the "reason" field - I cited their hamhanded extortion tactics and also pointed out that I have spent hundreds of dollars in their print shop having artwork, cards and gifts made and that I will never use their services again. I hope they go under.

In other news, PT went well enough. No real answers on the evaluation but hopefully they can make me stronger. The woman noted how flexible I was which sure, sounds good, but flexibility without strength is what keeps knocking my back out. So FIX me. I was also wishy washy about wanting to incorporate use of the pool. I don't object to being in the pool, it's all the annoyance of wrangling myself into the suit and then struggling out of it and smelling like chlorine. We'll see. Have another appointment this coming Friday afternoon and I have homework which I need to start doing this afternoon
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Feel free to share this post since it may be very helpful for those migrating to DW.

I'd been using my photobucket account to post pictures on DW since there's no upload function within the posting screen in DW. Unfortunately photobucket's website has become a complete nightmare of pop up and pop under ads, slow loading, sometimes NO loading, etc.

I tweeted the lovely [personal profile] miss_s_b who also made a very useful DW post here . She mentioned that the clearly-smarter-than-me [personal profile] matgb said there was photo hosting on DW.

A. He's totally right
B. Check these instructions in the FAQ. How do I use Dreamwidth's image hosting? How do I manage my images once they've been uploaded?
C. Duh. I feel like a dope for assuming that since I  couldn't do it while posting that it didn't exist. Everyone gets 500MB of space. Sure, you may need more but at least it's there for easy access

Share away!

Tagging [personal profile] st_crispins  who was in my same boat


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