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Kind of more specifically, on the appeal of Slash to heterosexual women (or I guess hetero men since that would be even more confusing to me). It's something I've never quite understood why a woman who fangirls guys would find slash fic/art/etc. appealing. Not that I'm condemning it because hey, different strokes for different folks but when something confuses me, I like to try to figure it out.

Emily and I were having a chat this morning at breakfast at the bagel place and she was telling me about the quirks of K-Pop fandom. Evidently it's a big no no for the K-Pop members to be seen holding a woman's hand or touching her because that would be inappropriate but evidently not only is the implication of slash ok, it's almost encouraged in the genre - even though homosexuality is seen as taboo in Korean culture. What? That confused me even more.

When it comes to fandom and especially fic, my fantasy would be to place myself in the role of the woman which leads me to wonder. For a slash fan, are you placing yourself mentally in the role of one of the males in the scenario? Are you just an observer? Are you something else? That made me wonder if my imagination is actually too linear with a complete preference on het. That I'm not thinking creatively enough or are somehow too "vanilla" to enjoy an alternative setting. 

Or does a slash fan prefer it because like with the K-Pop thing, it's "safe" insofar as if the object of desire is seen as "taken" that they lose their appeal somehow because it pops the bubble of the person putting themselves into the fantasy?

Emily also brought up another good point. By pairing two male objects of desire together, is way to have a kind of a two-for-one deal? Additionally, is it also a way to manipulate your view of the usual role the males play - such as making the usually less dominant one be the lead and the more dominant one taking the more submissive role? Either way, I still wouldn't understand the appeal since it would bring me back to my original confusion at not being able to insert myself in the scenario.

Interesting thought with that choice of words - a threesome with a female added in does appeal to me. But that likely is a ramble for a different day.

Thoughts? Opinions? I'm interested to know!


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