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2017-10-13 03:45 am

Women going silent on Twitter today

In protest of Rose McGowan's Twitter suspension (and hence, silencing women) for calling out sexual predators/harassers/complicit folks, today is #WomenBoycottTwitter and I'll be observing. Every bit counts.

Besides, I had to take off work so I can go to the laundromat when it opens today with bedding, rugs, et al. and probably buy a new carpet cleaner. JonJon set a record in the Kitty Barf Olympics last night. I'm pretty sure it was related to eating too fast. 
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2017-10-09 06:58 pm

Korean cooking ftw!

Since I ate out for lunch WAY too much last week, I wanted to do a better job of prepping and cooking at home and packing lunches. Tonight's dinner was super good - Korean bibimbap. 

Since I don't have the classic clay pot, I took the rice and pan fried it to get it a bit crispy which really does make all the difference when you mix in the soft yolk and the spicy sauce and the juices from all of the yummy vegetables.
I have leftovers packed for lunch but since I can't do the whole fried egg, I chopped up bits of a Korean omelet that I got in the prepared section at H-Mart to serve as the protein. Going to eat well tomorrow for sure.

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2017-10-09 06:33 am

Damned jingles

Still can't get the darned Riunite jingle out of my head. So I'm trying different jingles. Look - more 80s fun!

I don't recall a lot of the jingles but I do know the places. Remember the Ground Round? Who the hell thought that was an appetizing name for a restaurant anyway?
I've never had Tab - I heard it tastes hellish
Genesee Creme Ale? Heh, Emily and I were thinking of doing a marathon watching of Stranger Things when it comes out. Maybe it should include 80s booze.
Jingles that you're more likely to know

Have any favorite classic commercial jingles?
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2017-10-08 03:41 pm
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How about a drunken stumble down memory lane?

So my parents are taking up wine drinking, kinda. The doc is encouraging it to replace the one-beer-per-day that Dad has since wine is reputed to be healthier. That and since Mom's allowed too, there they go. Now here's the thing, they're not about to go full fledged wine experts and I know fully that they wouldn't ever like any dry wines. So I recommended a few reasonably priced sweet and dessert wines to get them going like Pacific Rim Riesling and an orange muscat wine that I like. I don't drink much wine (or other booze) myself and I don't like dry ones either. They went by my recommendation and so far like what they've tried. For the full health benefit, I'll have to wean them over to red wines (starting with encouraging them to make a sangria with a decent red instead of buying the pre-made stuff)

My brother, also no wine expert, told my parents that they should go find one of his favorites - Canei. I chuckled because hell, back in the 80s, it was cheap stuff. Basically it's the soda pop of wine. Emily had never heard of Canei so I went looking for the commercial - behold the oh so classy ad

I googled and evidently you can find it...somewhere...and it runs about $7 for a regular bottle or $12 for one of them thar big bottles. It also amuses me that on their site it says that it "is made of various sorts of grapes." lol Really? Eh, whatever was on sale at the Sav-a-Lot, I'm sure.
Oh and they have an updated ad - evidently nowadays it's popular in places like Harlem. Heh.

Anyway, now I have an earworm that's stuck in my head. Not the Canei ad, but from what was under it on YouTube. Remember Riunite from the same era of cheap "various grapes" wine? And now I'll get it stuck in yours - MUAHAAHAA

Ah yes, I do often fret about what wine to have with my Taco Bell. Now I know! In case you're wondering - yep, they're still around too. Even cheaper than Canei.
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2017-10-04 03:00 pm

Beautiful Video

I hope it can play in all regions since it inspires happy tears

If not, here's an article about it. Lovely 
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2017-09-15 10:08 am

One for the late night/early morning crew

So, who sees this little gem once a week on CBS?

I think they do it once a week. When I was on the treadmill in the gym the other day, it came on and I chuckled. Especially since the closed captioning was a whoooole lot of gibberish 
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2017-09-14 09:15 am


And so the annual reporting is off to a frustrating start. First faculty dude to respond and tell me that he's filed his report has already ticked me off.
Firstly, if you need to change your email or phone number on YOUR account, click the "edit account" link but fiiiiiine I'll do it FOR you.
Secondly, I tell you all, every single, solitary year that at least part of your accomplishments section needs to be in LAY LANGUAGE so that the doofuses on Capitol Hill can get some rough understanding of the fabulous science you're doing and how you're doing work that will benefit society. This is so that the gubment will keep giving us money to pay your salary. However, yet again this year you've decided to give me science regurgitation that I will admit freely that I haven't the slightest fucking clue what it says.

Either that or you had your cats dance all over the keyboard. Who the eff knows. Behold the giant mass of word salad:

I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT ANY OF THIS IS )Throw me a bone, bud. I swear you've got to be fucking with me.
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2017-09-08 08:09 pm

Wheel...of...Shitty Prizes!

 Who's old enough to remember the total crap people had to buy on Wheel of Fortune?

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2017-09-05 08:39 pm

Who's following the creepy story of Dear David on twitter?

There's a guy that tweets now and then about a dream he had and he now suspects his apartment is haunted. He updates twitter now and then about it and it's super creepy. 

Dear David storify to get caught up if you're interested. It doesn't have tonight's updates with some super strange videos with his cats - you'll have to wait for him to update storify or go to his @moby_dickhead handle on Twitter

He may be bullshitting but it's interesting enough that I don't care if it's all fake. 
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2017-09-02 02:47 pm

Any advice from the cat people?

JuneBug appeared to have a seizure. :Before it happened, she was trying to vomit but only a little foam came up and then before she could duck under the couch, she collapsed on her side between a table and couch and seemed only semi-conscious. She came out of it less than a minute later and went under the couch where she was awake but wide-eyed.

She seems fine, if a little shell shocked now. This hasn't ever happened before that I know of so I've made an appointment to get her checked out this Thursday, though if it happens again I'll have to find a 24hr vet.
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2017-09-01 09:16 am

Baby kale for the plebes!

You mean I'm NOT going to be able to have my groceries delivered by a drone named Finn with a manbun? DAMMIT!

Amazon lowering Whole Foods prices will hurt those who think they're better than you
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2017-08-27 08:35 am

Happiest of birthdays grey853!

 Here a nummy succulent cake - in more than one way!

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2017-08-25 06:09 pm

Learning about other cultures

I didn't know about US Southern Chinese and their history

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2017-08-22 03:40 pm

Is it just me?

Can't seem to log into LJ. I keep getting this error message
And yes, I've cleared cookies, rebooted, reloaded, what have you. Still no dice. 

It'll be interesting to see if this crossposts from DW...hm...

EDIT: Huh, it claims it has crossposted! Wave if you can see me, guys! I'm getting notifications so SOMEONE'S getting to LJ. lol Oh and it doesn't work in other browsers. If it works at home, the only thing I can think is that the antivirus software that updated here at work is blocking LJ which would suck.
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2017-08-20 04:16 pm

Staycations rock

Yeah, I'll admit it, I like Jane's kind of vacation. Though I do like to go for a short drive and do things like visit an orchard or something
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2017-08-16 05:19 pm

No bueno, Bored Panda

Well this is distressing:
Copied from a friend about boredpanda.com:
"I want to talk to everyone about a website called BoredPanda, many of you share their "articles" that show you 10 cats who prove if they fits they sits or 10 best grilled cheese sandwiches, or whatever. Recently they posted one called 10 before and after photos of trans people or something to that effect. The photos featured in the article were not given to them, but hijacked from private forums on the internet. A close friend of mine gathered together her forces for good and got them to take it down but that's only part of the issue solved. BoredPanda put those people's lives and livelihood at risk to get more clicks without any thought to the risk they were putting those people in (in case you didn't know Trans people are randomly assaulted or threatened regularly just for existing). They didn't get permission from the human beings whose photos were used. Let that sink in. They are currently hiding behind ToS rules of other web sites so they can't be sued directly.
Here is what you should be doing about this;
1. Write to bored panda and demand that in the future they get a signed model release before using photos that may put someone at risk.
2. stop linking their articles
3. stop clicking on their articles.
4. share this sentiment or post in whatever way suits you best."
Confirmed here
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2017-08-06 08:16 pm


Bebopping around YT when I should be getting ready for bed. Sunday night bluuuues. I like this channel "Facts" where Irish people try stuff and it's usually funny but they couldn't be funny when watching My 600 Pound Life. I admit to following that show. I feel for those who struggle, root for those who are busting ass to try to fix their lives and get frustrated at the ones that thrive on the drama and sabotage themselves.

Anyway, it must be the first ever YT video where the comments section is a breath of fresh air. Overwhelming support and love and the woman from the show actually commented and is touched! I also found her Instagram page and WOW, she looks so much healthier.

I'm following her on IG now because hey, if she can get herself healthy starting at over 650 pounds, I can do it at a little over 200 (though without gastric surgery in my case - she obviously needed the surgical help)

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2017-08-06 07:32 pm

Equal time for kitties

Another sweet video - chef Bobby Flay and his kitty Nacho Flay

Wouldn't have pegged him as a cat dude but you can't always tell!

As far as a me update, still hitting the gym with Emily. Hoping sometime that I'll have less random soreness on and off through the day but doing well otherwise. I must have pretty strong biceps since I had to up the weight pulldown machine to 60 pounds to feel adequate resistance around the 10 count mark. However other muscles need more work and I've been able to identify those (triceps, core, glutes, quads) so I can work on them. I've also done a mile each time I do the treadmill the last few days which is good. Still keeping an eye out for a convenient yoga class to get good stretching in but I should try to fit in some yoga stretches at home. 

I made some strawberry lemon freezer jam today - my first attempt at freezer jam that I can recall. It didn't firm up as much as I'd hoped but the taste is amazing so I won't fret about it being a bit thin. It'll still taste awesome on toast. 

Starting next Sunday I'm doing a vegetarian challenge to focus on the eating again and enjoy fresh summer produce. I'll make a post soon on the LJ Healthystart community if anyone wants to join in. It's vegetarian rather than vegan so eggs and dairy are permitted (though check those cheeses!)

Hope everyone is doing well *huggles*