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I wouldn't have been any more surprised if the ENT would have proclaimed loudly "BORING!" and walked out.

Evidently by my CT scan I have super duper clean lovely sinuses...yet I have sinusitis. Whut? Oh, he's thinking it's migraines. Yes, I take BP meds because my GP diagnosed me with a month-long migraine. It helped for a while but I guess not anymore. He says I should to go a neurologist and get on meds.

But my major concern today was redness inside my lips and burning inside my mouth when I eat as well as a lump below my tongue. The lump started last week and I assumed it was probably a salivary stone since Mom gets those so I upped the water intake and started doing hard candy. It helped it go down some. But the mouth thing sprung up suddenly yesterday morning. This ENT doesn't seem to give a shit and yes, actually told me I was too healthy for him and dismissed me.

Guess since I'm not interesting enough or not dying of cancer, I'm not worthy of decent treatment? Yeah, fuck that dude. Well, for now I got some dry mouth gel, I'm going to make a much better effort to eat, exercise and otherwise live healthier and see where that takes me before I start doctor hopping again because clearly they don't give a shit.
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My lovely downstairs neighbor Natalie (a.k.a "Miles' Mom") gave me a gift for watching over her silly furboy. She brought me a mix of white, dark and milk chocolate toffee with bits of macadamia nuts and TWO jars of her lovely freezer jam - one strawberry and the other strawberry lemon. I'll have to get some lovely crusty bread to enjoy them with. 

I really like the sweet cream holiday spice from Starbucks and love it and today I found a cheat recipe to make the spice blend and I'm thinking of making the sugar and spices and giving them as gifts to the neighbors. 

Visited the doc today and she's ordered the test kit to do the cheek swab thing to check on how I metabolize medicine, though she advised before she even does it that I should call and check with my insurance to see how much they'll cover. Because if it's too obnoxiously expensive, it won't be worth it. She also prescribed lexapro which in the past may or may not have given me insomnia and shaky hands but I'll try it again and see if it works better this time since I was certainly testing enough meds back in 2011. Also, just in case she's going to put in for me to have a sleep apnea test and evidently they can do a thing where I get tested at home first. When I tried it once before, it was inconclusive because since I knew I was being "watched" I didn't sleep well from nerves. So here we go with the experiments. *crossing fingers*
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Why Women With PCOS Are More Likely to Have Anxiety

It's not just the mere fact that the hormones are "out of whack" causing my depression and anxiety but evidently there's now proof of it? I feel validated. It's interesting that the Metformin I took for years which finally somewhat regulated my monthly cycles but I still had the anxiety hardcore. So the damage is done. Hopefully they can develop some meds which figure out how to REALLY fix the imbalance.


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