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Had decent luck peddling my wares out in the community garage sale today. I had no big ticket items and was pricing to get RID of stuff so I set a goal of $30. I made $36.75! I'm taking my leftovers to work to see if I can sell more there. I'm debating whether to just give the CDs and DVDs away instead of trying to bother with bartering. Yeah, I know, money but I've gotten my full use out of them and honestly? Even at a quarter a piece, they weren't moving well at all. Might also be due to the fact that they aren't in jewel cases. They have all the original art but years ago I purchased plastic sleeves to save on space and weight in moving.

Hey, if anyone has a hankering for anything in particular, I can look and send for the buddy price of nada. It's mostly pop, some 70s oldies, some rock, a few classical-ish and entirely too many soundtracks and compilations.

One thing I got rid of was a small IKEA table that was taking up needed apartment real estate (sold it for a buck, it cost me originally $7 and I was NOT about to bring the darned thing back upstairs lol). When I got done garage sale-ing, I moved a lightweight cabinet from the living room to the bedroom where the table was so if I get the energy to straighten up the living room properly, I'll do a "What's your living room look like?" photo thingie.

Oh and doggies found me irresistable. Coconut came while I was setting up and nudged for pets and flopped on her side for a thorough belly rubbing. Two pitties gave me snuffles and licks. A poodle gave me sad eyes until I administered scritches. Little dog Lucy (not sure what she was) put her paws on my lap and licked my nose and nudged my phone to type a tweet and there were other dogs pleased as punch to tell me hello. Fortunately my kitties were more interested in sticking their heads into my sweaty sneakers when I got in than bothering to notice dog smell on me.


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