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I'd just fed the kitties wet food about 4:30 and sprinkling the FortiFlora atop Junie's food which she LOVES (still some occasional poo incidents but I'll give it another week before consulting the vet). About fifteen minute later, I was sitting and snuffling and sneezing on the couch in the living room and though I'd seen the kitties go in there, neither one was sitting on top of the cabinet near the window. 

I leaned over a bit and saw JonJon crouching near the door and was confused. Then I heard an odd soft kerflump noise and leaned further over and my jaw dropped. Naughty little Junie had jumped on the Forbidden Kitchen Counter and had nabbed the leftover pack of Fortiflora (I divide the contents of the packet over the day and fold over the top and leave it on the counter all day). She was batting it around the floor trying to figure out how to get into it and I walked in and scolded her. JonJon was off like a shot into the living room, looking all guilty. Junie, being the mini imp that she is just looked at me with a "What?" expression like what she did was fine. 

I put the packet inside a cabinet and waggled my finger at her calling her a bad girl - albeit while laughing. That little snot jumped right back up on the counter so I got the squirt bottle and gave her a shot of water to make her hop off. Not more than five minutes later, BOTH little boogers were up on the counter but when I stalked in, they ran off.

Well, CLEARLY I can't leave that kitty-crack FortiFlora out anymore. lol
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Though it's been tempting to do it to Mr. Needy Early Riser JonJon

In case you were wondering - kitty is FINE. lol
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I don't recall if I mentioned that my friendly downstairs neighbor Natalie asked if I'd come in and hang out with her kitty while she is gone a few days for the Thanksgiving holiday. He has an automatic feeder and is generally fine for a day or two but she worries if she's gone longer than that. Of course I agreed. Kittyboy Miles gives me little demure meows and sniffs the screen when I go downstairs so I hold my fingers near the screen and tell him hello and that he's a good boy.

Natalie was super curious how he'd receive me fully in the flesh and we got the answer right away when I visited her for a meet and greet this evening. The minute I stepped inside, meows abound as Miles came lumbering up (he's a bit of a chunky love) quickly to greet me and demanded patpats and attention. She told me that he will get SUCH a sad look on his face if he hears me coming down the stairs and doesn't get to the window in time. Also, he even recognizes the sound of me coming down over the other upstairs neighbors.

I guess I have a kitty boyfriend? lol. Oh and I refused her offer of money for the visits. I told her next time she makes some yummy preserves to keep me in mind is all.
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Scientists Find DNA Evidence of Viking Cats and I'll bet that they were pretty darned badass. Of course the moment I read the headline, I knew that I was going to have this in my head all day


You're welcome! MUAHAAHAA!
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Kitty doesn't get this on the regular per the comments at youtube. It's usually just a birthday treat but she got spoiled so he could do the video (I'll copy/paste them under the video here so you don't have to go to the source). I don't know if mine would appreciate all the effort like this kitty does.

Video comments from Jun from the youtube page )
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Kitties being all dramatic when their owners return:

Cat parents - do you get this?

Lately JonJon has NOT been wanting me to leave to go anywhere. He angsts and meows and rubs against me when he even thinks I'm going to head out. I've been giving him calming treats but I need to figure out something else for his separation anxiety. Poor fluffbutt.
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I have this feeling my girl kitty JuneBug gets exasperated with me every time I shower. She lies on the rug in the hallway outside the bathroom looking dramatic. Then when I start to step out of the tub, she comes in the room and walks around "assessing" my legs (yes, I leave the door open. It's me and the kitties, why bother shutting doors?)

She waits, wandering in little circles as I towel off and put on my bathrobe and don the slippers. When I start walking out of the bathroom, I get the insistent "MrrrrrrrrrOW!" and she jogs ahead of me and jumps on the bed then looks at me expectantly. I'll give her some butt spanks (yep) and head scritches. When I start to get dressed, she watches and waits and then wants petted again. This time it's so she can rub her head on my bare arms and lick my elbows (huh?) and I lean over so she can headbonk me.

It makes me wonder if she's thinking "GOD MOM! Every DAY I have to work SO HARD to get my smell back on you!"
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I was giving JuneBug a snuggle when she hopped up next to me near the bedroom window and was curious when she seemed hyperfocused since anymore the kitties seem to take the constant viewing of birds and squirrels in stride lately since they get so much of it at the new place.

I looked to see what had her attention and laughed. There was a blue jay on a branch of one of the several spindly trees and there was a squirrel right below it. When the blue jay would hop to another branch or tree next to it, the squirrel was following! On and on it went, hop, scamper, hop scamper. It was clear they were actually playing with each other. The squirrel seemed to almost lose interest so the blue jay chirped and after a moment a second blue jay came along and the game was on! The birds teased the squirrel and the squirrel hopped and leapt around them. They were having a grand old time.

By that point, JonJon hopped up to find out what was going on and I watched with them for a good five minutes before I gave up my spot at the window so they could have the best Cat TV viewing since they're not interested in Mommy's TV.
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JuneBug turned three years old yesterday! Here she is hanging out in her favorite spot in the bed that stays clamped to the windowsill

JonJon decided he was going to lay partway on my leg and purrrrr as I rubbed his tummy

Daaang, am I pale or what? Yep, that's my arm lol
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For those new folks, my dorky boycat, JonJon (see icon of him trying on Mommy's shoes for size) aside from being a goofball that makes more mooing noises rather than actual meowing noises is also a neat freak.

...ah, speaking of kittyboy, had to stop typing and set aside the tablet to rub his belleh. He'll walk up to me and flop down on his side and streeeeetch and wants his tumtum scritched. Everytime he flops, I can't help but say "Oh no! Your legs gave out!" and he looks at me with a "What?" look...

aaaanyway, when he uses the box, he always goes for a jog. When he poos, he tears off in a "poo gallop" around the place like the hounds of hell are on his heels. He also sucks much of the time at covering it up. He'll not want to touch it so he'll go to the complete opposite corner of the box and scoop litter into a pile, knocking litter out of that corner onto the floor but will leave the pee bit uncovered *facepalm*

Today he must've had some of the wet litter stuck to his bum because when I walked into the hall, he was standing next to a small piece of wet litter and kept trying to "cover" it with the flattened down apartment carpet. He looked at me with big sad eyes almost as if he were apologetic and I assured him that Mommy would fix it, which I did.

Silly ol' JonJon


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