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Another sweet video - chef Bobby Flay and his kitty Nacho Flay

Wouldn't have pegged him as a cat dude but you can't always tell!

As far as a me update, still hitting the gym with Emily. Hoping sometime that I'll have less random soreness on and off through the day but doing well otherwise. I must have pretty strong biceps since I had to up the weight pulldown machine to 60 pounds to feel adequate resistance around the 10 count mark. However other muscles need more work and I've been able to identify those (triceps, core, glutes, quads) so I can work on them. I've also done a mile each time I do the treadmill the last few days which is good. Still keeping an eye out for a convenient yoga class to get good stretching in but I should try to fit in some yoga stretches at home. 

I made some strawberry lemon freezer jam today - my first attempt at freezer jam that I can recall. It didn't firm up as much as I'd hoped but the taste is amazing so I won't fret about it being a bit thin. It'll still taste awesome on toast. 

Starting next Sunday I'm doing a vegetarian challenge to focus on the eating again and enjoy fresh summer produce. I'll make a post soon on the LJ Healthystart community if anyone wants to join in. It's vegetarian rather than vegan so eggs and dairy are permitted (though check those cheeses!)

Hope everyone is doing well *huggles*
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I've noticed that firefly season must be over since I'm not seeing the tell tale twilight blinking lately. It was fun while it lasted, especially for JonJon who since I've been going to bed around peak firefly activity time, I was entertained watching him be entertained looking out the window and twitching his head toward the light when a firefly's glow went off. Looking it up, there's a chance if the environment is just so, we may see them again this summer. Hope so.

This, however, is Firefly watching, epic level. Also educational.

Growing up, we called them "lightning bugs" but "firefly" is a prettier word. I remember catching them in a jar when I was a kid.
Ever do that too? 


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