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When it takes you double the length of a movie to watch the movie and you make a Chinese soup run in the middle of it,you know you have the attention span of a gerbil hopped up on caffeine. Criminy my concentration levels are at an all time low.

And to top it off, Sol Madrid got cut off what I assume was pretty much a couple of minutes before the end. I'll only be bummed if I missed Robert Vaughn sauntering in and putting his hands in his pockets all Napoleon-casual-like. 
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The Foxes and Hounds Affair. So Napoleon has magical lips that can turn any sheepish average dame into a saucy vixen? Wonder if he works on commission? I could use some of that. I do appreciate that they made a point with the acted-out attack scene to dupe the guard that Napoleon made sure to ask the gal if she was ok.

Oh and boys - don't think I didn't notice the not-so-subtle thing of making the gal the meat in your sexy man-sandwich there.

Still not as in love with Season 2 as I was Season 1 yet though I did quite enjoy The Ultimate Computer Affair. Watching it now, it makes me chuckle to think that my itty bitty iPod has oodles and oodles more capacity than their "ultimate" computer.
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Captain Stubing and Bond-villian Jaws are the baddies in this one? Well that's one weird mental crossover.

Poor ol' Gavin MacLeod, did that guy ever have hair?

Dang, not only is RIchard Kiel big but he's strong. Effortlessly fireman carrying two dudes at once.

Where the heck is Illya while Napoleon got knocked out and kidnapped? Playing mahjong again and practicing his duck impressions?
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Doc Baker is a THRUSH agent? Oh noes! And to think Mrs. Oleson was the town's scheming jerkwad.

Ooopsie...that didn't sound good...guess Walnut Grove's going to have to find a new doctor.
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I left at lunch because the snow was picking up and I didn't feel like driving in it if it got truly nasty. Thank goodness I can't afford to go anywhere on vacation so I use the days for that, eh? Yeah...

So, I'm going to watch MFU episodes and take a nap this afternoon. Woot! Illya just had one fabulous quote:

Napoleon: Illya, we are in need of your special talents, are you free?
Illya:No man is free who has to work for a living...but I am available
Napoleon (amused): All right, so join the party

Heh, ya little sassypants. 
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Hang on...Illya does cat impressions? *giggles like an idiot*


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