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Well certainly not the Father's Day any of us were hoping for, that's for sure. Got a call from Mom last night who was freaking out because Dad was dizzy (he does get spells) and it was getting worse and what should they do. Those calls drive me nuts because what the hell am I supposed to do from two states away? GO TO THE HOSPITAL (and good grief don't drive yourself there). 

Fortunately Mom was able to get the next door neighbor to take him and Sis and her hubby drove up too. What we suspect, which seems like is the case is that Dad the Doofus is severely dehydrated. He's one of those people that you have to constantly lecture to drink anything. His BP was still high after a few hours so they've kept him overnight. I called him this morning and he seemed tired but in good spirits. How anyone ever improves in a hospital when they're pestering you every few hours for blood and tests is beyond me. He had breakfast, which he said was actually really good and he grumbled when they asked him to make a lunch order since he wants to go home. I told him he needs to suck it up and stay through lunch so they can continue to make sure his BP gradually goes down. Sounds like he's going to have go to on meds at least for a while. He doesn't like that either but hey, you know what would have probably made it so you didn't have to? Drink water, dorkman.

I haven't called Mom to check on her yet because Dad said when he talked to her before me that she hadn't slept and he told her to go sleep so I'll pester her in maybe an hour or so.

Aside from that discomforting news, I've been super busy with helping Emily get the house painted and such. Her parents are still slated to move this week but need to confirm with the movers. Her family is still working but I've very much run out of steam since I was there painting on my day off on Friday until I had to go to the dermatologist in the afternoon (naturally I have a dodgy looking mole where the bra strap hits that I'm sure will be cancer because it's in a very inconvenient place). Yesterday morning Emily and I painted some more until I went in the afternoon to a vegan expo with my friend Michelle. Hopefully all goes well with her parents move this week since I know I'd be a mess trying to help move mine if the situation were reversed.

Ok, need to get moving and get some groceries for the week - things that I don't have to cook, preferably since the weather is hot and swampy.


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