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For as much as yesterday was the usual hectic Monday, I got a TON of stuff done in the way of processing two new hires, one reclassification and submitted for a job description for someone. The AA job has nearly...well let's go see...ah, finally closed at 331 applicants (actually more since before I left last week, I weeded out several people that were clearly not qualified so probably close to 340). One of the people is going to be working for our office, not necessarily "with" me as much as "around" me since he'll be Elaine's boss in the Office of Grants Facilitation.

But Elaine was VERY glad that he finally is calling me by my first name and referring to himself as "Joe."  She was worried that he was going to be all stiff and formal and try to rule the office and not let her do what she likes to do. We maaaay have done some googling and found out what his wife looks like and she looks to be very sweet. Both of them have PhDs in social psychology. Makes me wonder if conversations with him will re-spark any interest in my silly BS in Psych. But anyway, I have a feeling he'll be a good neighbor. Once we can get the office he's supposed to be in emptied since it looks like it should be in an episode of Hoarders since it's where all the stuff from the Development office is being stored before they move to another building.

I'm hoping today not to have to mess with any hiring stuff since I need to make a dent in former Bosslady's job. I don't like being behind at all and I need to get part of that caught up before having to poke people for the big end of year reporting next month (which is next week...ugh...already?)

I need to get myself together this morning and get dressed and get to work but it's nice that for once in a long while, I don't feel the anxious rush to do it. Which is nice for the kitties since they'll get a few more moments with Mom before she has to abaaaandon them for work.
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I always get amused when I stumble across things where our people get research money from odd organizations.

Evidently one of the dudes in Environmental Science got a grant from the International Potato Center. Who knew there even WAS one - and heck, it's existed since 1971

Rutgers, helping make potatoes even more awesome than they already are. 
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I should go take a walk or something but bleh...can't be bothered. I should've gone home and gotten some kitty snuggles at lunch but it's too late to head off now. Ah well.

I emailed that apartment complex to ask about a few things. It was a little disconcerting that it took hunting down three emails before I got one that didn't bounce back but I did get an answer quickly once I finally got one that worked so eh. Since it didn't note on the site what's included with the rent, I asked and sewer/trash, water AND heat are included as well as one parking space is included which is nice. I did also clarify that I'd be ok to have two kitties which yes, it'll cost me an extra $40/month for each but I'd rather be honest right from the get-go. Especially if the place is decent enough to stick around there a long while. It was obviously too early to know about availability come September but they put me on the list to contact in July and I should know by then whether I'll be able to move or whether I'll have to hold off for another year. I'll start crossing fingers come the end of June and will work on tons of spring cleaning and clearing over the next few months.

Our new business dude starts on April 7 so that's good. He seemed nice so hopefully Bosslady's cursing doesn't scare him off. Upon advice of the HR gal and Peggy my other Bosslady, I emailed Bossman to ask about what he envisions my job becoming with the merging of departments and let him know what both Bosslady and I thought would be a good idea (also dropping the suggestion to get the office a lower level admin). He actually responded that we should talk in the next couple of weeks about it. He's off with his wife having some sort of surgery this week so I was impressed that he emailed back and does want to chat about it. I know that Peggy will give me a good review to Bossman, hopefully Bosslady cooperates.

Update on the cussing challenge: need to reinforce paying attention. I've had too many slip ups and since the new dude looks to be a church goer and since it'd be a good idea to sound more professional, it'll be good practice.

Going to have some yummy Chinese food tonight with a buddy that I sorely hope does not run late like she tends to do. I'm kind of twitchy about that. 


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