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These questions were written by [livejournal.com profile] versailles_rose.

1. What is your favorite food?
2. What was your favorite food when you were a kid?
3. What is the best tasting, quick to cook meal that you make for yourself?
4. What is your favorite food to order in a restaurant?
5. If you could go anywhere in the world to any restaurant, what would you order for yourself?

2. Spaghetti with tomato sauce. Though no one ever made it as well as Mom so it became a running joke when I'd order it at a restaurant and they'd try to remind me that I wasn't going t like it
3. Hm...I'd say an omelet. Made properly with the pocket of lovely veggies and cheese inside the pocket of egg (or egg white if I'm being good) and not "diner style" where they cook the stupid contents into the egg. That's not a proper omelet.
4. See #1, though on a more ordinary day, good ol' Chinese food. Usually something like chicken with pea pods in white sauce
5.I need to get to Flushing. For realz. See below.

Oh and what did I have for lunch today? Chinese. LOL We tried a new place that sent out an ad in our work email since they're on Rutgers property. Their salt and pepper fish was ok but I like the place on Easton Ave in Somerset NJ better since on this one, the breading was more obvious whereas the place on Easton you can barely tell that there's any breading - just The bubble tea was lacking, alas. 
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1) If you had to eat nothing but CEREAL for a week, what types would you eat?

2) Have you ever bought candy/cereal/snack JUST for the PRIZE inside?

3) What is the earliest you have ever been drunk?

4) Name one thing you have taken apart and could NOT put back together.

5) Three musketeers or three stooges?

1 - Oatmeal. It's a good base for many different flavors. I've yet to try it with a fried egg like I've seen, though

2 - I totally didn't get a cereal in the hopes of getting and Obi-Wan Kenobi toy, nooooope.

3 - Not a big drinker. Maybe 21?

4 - No answer for that. No idea

5 - Three Muskateers. Much less stupid and much more honor
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Linky link back to the Friday Five community post

1. What was your favorite childhood meal?
Fondue - more specifically, beer cheese fondue. Yes, I was a kid in the 70s, y'all

2. What is the best holiday for eating in your family?
Most often, Thanksgiving. Dad made the turkey, stuffing and waldorf salad. Mom made fabulous dumplings with the turkey drippings and made the mashed potatoes. Carb fiesta!

3. If someone could fix you a meal, and you didn't have to worry about cost or calorie count, what would you ask them to make?
I could go for Mom's dumplings about now.

4. What food(s) do you truly dislike/hate/have allergies to?
Canned peaches. Bad association with elementary school. In fact it's only now that I eat much in the way of fruits. I'm more of a veggie gal.

5. Could you give up eating meat if you wanted/needed to?
Yeah probably. Although especially if I could have an exception for dairy/eggs.
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LInky link >here< to the community post
1. What is your favorite poem? Can you recite part of it from memory?
2. What is your favorite work of visual art? Can you sketch some of it from memory?
3. What is your favorite piece of music? Can you sing or hum any of it from memory? Bonus points if you can sing a line of harmony from it.
4. What is your favorite dance form? Can you dance it yourself, however badly, or is it something for which you are mostly a spectator?
5. What is your favorite work of literature? Have you committed any of it to memory?

1. Not a big fan of poetry unless it's light in tone and I don't need to debate the deeper meaning. I do love "Smart" by Shel Silverstein, though. Can I recite it from memory? Only the last couple of lines

2. Pierre August-Cot's The Storm. I have to go see it when I go to the Met. I can't sketch, draw or doodle diddly squat. My brain can see it like it's right in front of me but my hands can't create it

3. I love about any well-done version of Carol of the Bells. I can sing a line but I don't want to kill anyone.
4. Tribal fusion bellydance and yes I can. The one thing I can do of any artistic-type talent. Not spectacularly, mind you, but I can do it ok as long as I don't freeze up.
5. Harry Potter counts, right? Half Blood Prince is my favorite and while I don't have particular lines memorized, I know the story well. 
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From [livejournal.com profile] thefridayfive community:
1. What's your favorite restaurant in your city?
2. What do you like to order there?
3. What's your favorite appetizer, at any restaurant?
4. What's a restaurant dish you've tried to make at home?
5. What would make you refuse to go back to a restaurant?

1. New Jersey is a bit odd that there are only a couple of cities with pretty well defined borders. I'll use the town where I live in Highland Park. My fave restaurant is the little Dish Cafe
2. One of their super yummy omelets on the special weekend menu with grits on the side
3. I'd say dim sum but that's a meal full of appetizers so I'll go with fried calamari
4. I've tried to make homemade Chinese food since I took a class but you just can't duplicate that at home. Interestingly I was having a conversation last night with my Mom where ChiChi's came up and I wondered if there were any restaurants around since I used to love their cancun/seafood chimichangas. I have a "cheat" recipe and I'm tempted to make it. Oh and ChiChi's closed their restaurants in 2004
5. Bugs. Yeah, you know that they're in restaurants but if I see one, it sticks in my head


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