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 I'm taking this afternoon off to take JonJon to the vet for his shots. I anticipate kitty draahmaaah. I have the carrier out in the open and both kitties last night were jumping in and out of the open top. Yeah, won't be so much fun when I have to shut the lid. I have to make sure to catch JonJon and cram him in there in one go because if he gets away, he'll be ZOOM under the bed or couch. I'm going to ask if they have the multi-year rabies vaccine though I don't think they do. My kitties are strictly indoor so it seems overkill to get the shot every year and also, I'd like to take them to the vet every other year instead of every year if it's doable. The drama doesn't stop when I get home since then he smells like vet and JuneBug is nasty to him and it takes a minimum of a good day before they're ok with each other again.

Speaking of the kittylumps, I was getting nostalgic and looked up this video that someone took when they were both stray kitties at the shelter together. 
I didn't adopt them at the same time. I got JuneBug first and then decided she needed a friend. The two were NOT getting along and I was just about to return JonJon until I was sent this video. Ms. Sassypants JuneBug was BUSTED in that she did get along with him before...lol sort of...The two still get into their scrapes now and then - interestingly moreso when I'm hormonal. But for the most part they tolerate each other well enough.
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Just watched a gut-wrencher of a movie - Philomena. I can see why Judi Dench was nominated for an Academy Award for it since damn...she reaches right in and twists. Had more than one of those times where your eyes tear up and you get that tight, burning feeling in your throat from emotion. It's based off a book of which I don't know if I'm up for even more of a depress-a-thon in trying to read it. 

Besides, yesterday I started a book, A Place at the Table which by the parts I've read so far, I'm not expecting it to have a particularly happy ending but so far it's been rather interesting. It does feel like one of those books Oprah would approve of, though. I'm not one to go all Oprah Book Club but I wanted something different before going back to the usual cozy mysteries and young adult lit. 

Well, it'll be a short one here as I'm now typing one handed due to this one
Needy JonJon
JonJon says hello and that he wants Mommy to pay attention to HIM. He's a bit more whiny than usual because he's a bit constipated. He had some pumpkin in his food this morning so hopefully it takes care of the problem. Though I predict he'll still be needy. Because that's how he rolls.


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