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1. What size (twin, full, etc.) is your bed?
Full - though with space at a premium and only the cats for company, I wish I just had a twin

2. How many pillows do you sleep with?
Generally two. One for under my head, the other between my knees

3. Do you have a weighted blanket? If so, does it help you?
Lawd no. I get overheated so quickly and sometimes on cold nights, only use a sheet. 

4. Do you sleep with any stuffed animals?
Sometimes my kitties are pretty full! 

5. Do you have to have the TV on to go to sleep?
No. Sometimes when I'm trying to sleep and having a hard time, I'll play ASMR videos on my iPad.
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Well I know you'll be digging this, [livejournal.com profile] veganhothead . With the new doctor I have, I can log into an app on my iPad or go on a website and send non-urgent messages. This morning I decided to let him know that I'm going to be participating in Veganuary. One is I wanted to make sure he didn't want to test anything additional before I do this and secondly, as a litmus test to see how he would react. Some doctors seem to dismiss a plant-based diet as unhealthy. The fact that on my recent test results that he recommended lowering my carb intake made me wonder.

I mentioned that if the month went well that perhaps I'd continue it. I mentioned that I was doing research on ways to transition healthily as well as I said that I have done "vegan for a week" in the past with success. His response was quick and positive. He thinks it's a good idea and wants to retest my level in May. Wait...May? So I guess I'm committing to this longer term! Oh my! Well, guess I'd better continue prepping, eh?

I'm on three medications to lower my blood pressure. My A1C is slightly higher than it's usual 5.8 at now 6.0. My total cholesterol is slightly high at over 200 - my LDL is a little high and HDL is low. I also have all these structural issues which could use some weight loss and lowering of inflammation. So as long as I don't eat a bunch of crappy processed-but-still-vegan food, I should see some improvements in all of these things.
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A belated Friday Five on Monday. These questions come to us from [personal profile] miss_s_b on Dreamwidth. I don't think I saw this the first time it was posted a few months ago so I'll answer them now.

1, What is your favourite food?
Dim Sum. Hands down. Especially har gow

2, What is your favourite food preparation method?
Roasted - it makes vegetables even more fabulous than they already are

3, What is your favourite cuisine or style of cooking?

See #1. If I could only pick one country's food prep, it would be China (which is kind of a cheat since there are so many different regional variations)

4, Do you have any dietary restrictions and if so what are they?
Light on red meat and raw onions since they don't like me. I also avoid deep fried food

5, If you could introduce the whole world to one ingredient to improve their culinary experience, what would that be and why?
Sesame oil. It takes an ordinary dish and elevates it.
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1. Have you seen any holiday commercials yet?
A few but not a ton yet, thankfully.

2. Will you or have you ever participated in Black Friday?
In the traditional sense of getting there at stupid o'clock and waiting in some mob-like line. Oh HELL no. But I have been known to go to Target much later in the day where they have the place fully staffed and there aren't too many people there. It's also the best day to go grocery shopping. 

3. Do you love or despise holiday leftovers?
When I have 'em, I love 'em. Nothing like a mish-mosh Thanksgiving leftover bowl. 

4. Have you seen any (non-commercial, i.e. store) holiday lights yet?
Yeah, places snuck in the Xmas decor right next to the Halloween decor. 

5. Have you been good to Santa’s way of thinking?
No coal for me. I should be more naughty.
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The lovely [livejournal.com profile] spiffikins made a google form to collect information for folks that may want holiday cards. I thought it was such a great idea that I've decided to make one myself.

So if you'd like a card, click on the linky link below and submit your details!

Holiday Card Google Form

In case you're concerned, I unchecked the box that would allow others to see responses. 
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The Friday Five for October 19, 2018

To me, more than pumpkin spice, autumn means apples. (Keeping the tag line because I totally agree)

1. Have you ever bobbed for Apples?
It's been years. But I do remember I held a party when I was just out of college and invited my friends and it was amusing as all hell to watch them drunkenly bob for apples

2. Do you like a regular or hard apple cider?
Regular. Though that reminds me that I bought a little container of cider from my fave orchard near Princeton. I hope it's still good! I'll check tonight

3. Do you have a special type of apple that you prefer over others?
I've had an Orin apple a few times and adore it but it's impossible to find around here. I prefer sweet crispy apples. 

4. Have you ever made baked apples?
Yes, but rather than just "baked" I like crisp - and WITHOUT the peels

5. Who is the apple of your eye?
My kitty-loves. 
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There's local drama afoot on Facebook and I'm just sitting back watching it like

So with our new Governor, Phil Murphy, now what Chris "Bridgegate" Christie is out of the picture, he's taking steps to legalize recreational marijuana. There's a local councilman who's opposing this and he's being rather vocal about it by sending this letter to about any news outlet that'll bother to publish it.

Thing is, though, Highland Park is a pretty liberal community, also well stocked with educated hippies. They aren't pleased at allll about ol' Councilman Fine's pearl clutching about the wacky weed. Almost worth going to a town meeting to watch the fireworks. 

As far as my thoughts, I'd be fine with a recreational pot business bringing some revenue to the community. At the very least, I don't understand his objection to the distribution of medical marijuana. Though according to his bio, he also lobbied so that you have to be 21 to buy cigarettes or e-cigs. He keeps using the "I'm a father to teenagers" justification.

Sounds more like he doesn't trust his kids to make responsible decisions. 

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 The good news is that my GP doesn’t think my blood pressure is too horrible even though it can stand to improve quite a bit. However she’s concerned with the fact that my back is keeping me from exercising and that I’m in a bad cycle because if I exercise it currently hurts my back but I need to improve my back with exercise.

Also, my weight has stagnated and I even put back on a couple of the pounds that I lost when adjusting to the new medicine and kept me from being hungry. She’s always been easy-going when it comes to how to take care of my medical issues. But she got my attention today for sure because she suggested something she never suggested before and even warned me in advance not to be mad at her.

Gastric bypass surgery. 😳😳
The thought of having major surgery like that scares the crap out of me. But if she’s that concerned, I have to do something now
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With the start of Autumn just a few days away in this hemisphere and Spring about to start in the other –

1. Do you have the urge to do a Fall/Spring cleaning as soon as the weather turns?
I'm getting there. Unfortunately it starts with battling ants that like to sneak in my kitchen door area. But I'm hoping to do things like a shampooing of my big area rug soon. It's overdue. I also need to dig some things out of closets and see if I have enough to participate in the townwide garage sale in a couple of weeks.

2.What tells you that the season (a certain smell, a certain taste, that sort of thing) has changed?
The ants LOL. Anyway, I love the transition to cool nights in the autumn and there is some sort of vibe that I can't put my finger on.

3.What do you look forward to the most with the change of seasons?
The colors. I adore the reds, golds and oranges of the fall leaves. I hope that we'll have a decent stretch of it this year. I am going to Massachusetts on the train in a month for a work conference and I'll be gazing out the window the whole way. 

4. What is something that you probably should accomplish but won’t this season?
Celebrating Halloween properly. I both want to go to a party and don't. 

5. What is the most enjoyable part of the oncoming season for you?
The cooler temperatures. I can start using my oven again to roast veggies and other things. Even when they turn on the heat in the apartment, if it's cool enough outside, I can offset the heat inside with a window fan rather than cranking up the AC
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Debbie (birth name Ching) who works for the business office popped in to see my work neighbors and popped into my office. She spotted my dim sum calendar and asked about it, wherein I told her that dim sum (basically any form of yummy dumpling, especially steamed) is my favorite food EVER. She was practically giddy and told me that we should go for dim sum sometime. Well HELL YEAH. No objection here. She's originally from Hong Kong and said how in Hong Kong, people will make an all day thing of it, bringing a newspaper and ordering dumplings over several hours. 

...I am SO retiring to Hong Kong if I win the lottery...

I told her that another Chinese food that I adore is congee. She was stunned that uber white girl from Ohio knew all these dishes. I told her that growing up in podunk Marion, Ohio, friends would ask where to go eat when they were going to fancier Columbus, Ohio. I also told her that out of college when I was working retail management, I got my first introduction to dim sum at a restaurant across the street from my workplace.

She was also surprised that I'm all about the plaza with the H-Mart and eat Korean food too. Hey, I don't claim to be any sort of Asian food expert but I do put myself out there a bit. I feel sorry for people who don't try new things (exceptions for people with allergies, obviously). 
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 I'm impressed that these guys really took it seriously and tried hard. I'm even MORE impressed at this woman's skill and athleticism. Holy moley!

The guy in the Superman shirt has hella potential, eh?

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To try to stay as chill as possible, I play ASMR videos on a tab in the background. The nephew is still making them but he's getting decidedly uncreative lately (I don't like his "mouth sounds" ones especially)

I like this concept someone did.

However, it's not audible enough, even when I turn up the volume. If any of you lovely witchy types on the f-list want to make and upload a similar video with better sound, go ahead and I will totally add it to my work and/or sleep playlist. lol

This guy's videos are excellent. 

I can fall right to sleep with some of his stuff. It's so relaxing.  
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 Just like you are the magnet for kitties in need, [livejournal.com profile] spikesgirl58 check out this twitter thread (you shouldn't need to have twitter to view it) by a woman that seems to be a magnet for doggies in need. 

Thank goodness there are people like you two in the world, doing such wonderful things for furry kids in need <3
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So in small breaks at work I called the radiology department (twice since I was cut off the first time and waited a few hours so I hopefully wouldn't get the same person that cut me off the first time) and then my doctor's office. Currently the status of my exercise nuclear stress test is pending more information from the doctor who for some damned reason didn't attach the EKG (ECG?) to my chart so they could forward it to get insurance authorization for my dumb test. Arrrrghhh. I want everything approved so that the radiology department doesn't have to cancel and reschedule my stupid test. I want to get it OVER with.

Anyhow. Busy busy busy at work so don't have time for bureaucratic nonsense since I have enough of my own.

I did go looking for a short, soothing video to watch briefly before the end of my "lunch break" (spent nomming down food while researching stuff). I follow this channel and saw this past video. So pretty. It's tempting to make the different kinds of bark though I wouldn't use kiwi because yuck.

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 Received a message from the nice doctor that did JuneBug's ultrasound. Her blood tests came back and nothing is out of whack. So aside from her being a pooping maniac, she's totally healthy. So I just have to keep keeping on with trying to adjust her diet to find what will make things chill out. If I can't, then a course of steroids are the next option. I got several different types of recommended food this weekend to try to slowly incorporate. One that I hoped would work (I loved the name "Oh my Cod!") which was fish but not too stinky didn't seem to help AT ALL. 

Also, I'm thinking it would also help all three of us to work harder at making the apartment a zen den. Stress has to be a factor in my health issues, Junie's pooing and JonJon's general insanity. Getting my budget under control may help that. This year we've had the expensive mattress that was needed, expensive car repairs and most recently, expensive vet bills for both cats. I am tapped out. Sure I have great credit but that's only going to get me so far.

In less frustrating issues, Mom's sudden extension of her family tree is cool. Evidently we're related to the Pyle line which has lots of famous historical muckety mucks from way back when? I was also contacted by Doris - who is my biological 4th cousin. Her 3rd great grandfather is my 3rd great uncle. I know he died in 1885 but didn't know how and she told me how she had newspaper articles - which I confirmed looking them up on newspapers.com that he was murdered by his neighbor who shot him in the chest at a county fair. Wild! 

Since ancestry.com is having the best sale I've seen on DNA tests ($59 if you've ever been pondering it), I did order one for Dad since the one that Mom took was one I sent for Father's Day. I thought it only fair to get Dad his gift again. Hopefully I don't find any scandalous information there but I would like to know his estimated percentages of what countries he's from. 

Ok, back to work. Need to hunt down the bossman to get some answers before he goes out of state for a week
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I couldn’t find the embed code so follow the link to a WELL done video

The Cell Block Mansplaingo 
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 Have good news that Junie has healthy looking guts. The blood work is still pending but the doc thinks it’s what I’ve been dealing with all along of irritable bowel issues. So have to play around with the diet again. Will start with mixing in more of the freeze dried rabbit and he said that grain free doesn’t make as much difference as the protein so I may explore foods with rice

Bad news is that it’s still guesswork. If she continues to have constant diarrhea, I may have to start her on low dose steroids to try to calm things down. Though that seems better than the anti diarrhea pill that can cause nausea that was given as an option in the past that I refused. 

She was such a good girl that they didn’t need to dope her up and the little heifer gained weight again! So time to do research and I’m now about $650 poorer. Yikes
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Fortunately I was able to nab Junie by surprise to get her into the carrier after she had her dinner and took her over for her slumber party at the vet. I signed paperwork and put down a $200 deposit for today’s festivities. Her procedure starts at 10:30 so they told me to come around 11 this morning to see what they have to say. 

Good or bad, I hope they have some diagnosis so we know what’s going on with my kitty girl. Hoping it’s something easily enough treatable, bonus for something not even more expensive. 

JonJon was his usual level of needy and dramatic so naturally I haven’t had much sleep. I doubt I’ll be able to nap much when I get Junie home since I’ll want to watch and make sure she’s ok from whatever they’ll give her to do the scans. 
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Kitty-related. Someone on a local forum asked about local vets and someone posted that there is a MOBILE vet that comes to our area. I am seriously considering this for JonJon the Cowardly Mini Lion


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