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It boggles my mind with the number of people - mostly on FB - that keep insisting that people just need to shut up and calm down and respect Trump now that he's about to be president. It's not just Trump having his finger on the proverbial button that's the entire problem and they don't appear to get that. Republican president all set to appoint a gang of wackadoo sycophants to his cabinet, republican congress, republican house, soon to be a handpicked judge to add to the Supreme Court. Tell me, where are the checks and balances? Yes, there isn't an overwhelming majority in Congress, thankfully, but still, a lot of damage can be done in a short amount of time.

Meanwhile, I have friends legitimately freaking out because Congress is already chomping at the bit to pick apart the ACA and Trump and evil freaking Pence are poised to go after taking away LGBTQIA rights. One friend in particular I feel especially horribly for. She has life threatening health conditions and her ACA insurance and the elimination of pre-existing conditions is what's been keeping her going as well as a special work program for disabled people. If the job and the insurance are picked away bit by bit, make no mistake, she will die. It is not media trumped-up fearmongering, these are things that were promised by Trump himself AND by the now nearly unchecked congress that's been cockblocking Obama from day one are poised and ready to do their level best to accomplish.

Oh and to those who think that the hate Trump stirred up is overblown, good grief, someone hollered "KILL OBAMA" at Trump's victory speech. Yeah, these sorts of folks are tooootally going to just chill out and be happy go lucky good, honorable citizens that haven't planned celabratory KKK marches, or instigated racial or gay intimidation. All just the media, right?

I'm one of the lucky ones, I know that. But I have friends that aren't so lucky and I worry for them.
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Don't belittle people's fears - fear of what may happen to themselves and the fear for the people they know and love. It's unconscionably rude.
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They updated with showing a Japanese family restaurant. I'd love to go to one!

Ok, that was pleasant. Now some debate unpleasantness - for as long as I can stomach it
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Michelle Obama hugging George Bush at the opening of the National Museum of African American History & Culture

I may have not been a big fan of him as president but this kind of sentiment I can totally get behind and there needs to be more of it. You can tell this is a genuine moment and it's lovely.

(Photo credit to David Hume Kennerly)
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Why don't we just go sneak up to Canada and steal Justin? C'moooooon! You know ya wannnnaaa

Or maybe at least we can work a trade deal to send them back the "other" Justin
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That former coworker/friend that claimed to be a Bernie supporter but is now 100% crackpot right-wing, KILLARY-spouting nutball (dude, you were never a true Bernie supporter if you've done that freaky 180), continues to come closer to licking the boots of the alt-right. When he thanked some of his all-caps screaming Trumpster friends for ganging up on me when I was being respectful in online debate, I decided there was no way whatsoever I was going to make any comments or remarks on his political posts (or the idiotic ones growling that them thar brown people better STAND for teh ANTHEM or they're not UHMERICANS)

His wife decided to venture onto one of my posts to debate Hillary on an article I shared about how the media is hyperfocused on her health. I was fair and respectful, as were others that commented ([livejournal.com profile] caseytalk, thank you - that was so enlightening to find out the details about C/S/TS levels in email conversation). His wife was reasonable but exercised the tactic of when she was proven wrong on a point, would go off on a completely different tangent.

Anyway, I had to resist posting a remark like *SPORFLE* on this picture that the former coworker posted last evening
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That is quite possibly the most absurd, most ridiculous representation of Cheeto Jesus I've seen (oh and don't think I didn't notice that he was also photoshopped to almost look like a human color)

Former coworker is posting links to right wing sites like infowars and actually extolled the virtues of that conspiracy-theorist, Sandy Hook and 9/11 denier nutball Alex Jones. Yeah, he's pretty much gone fully to the Dark Side. Crazy.
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Very interesting and knowledgable essay about the whole EpiPen debacle.

This dude and his blog and FB page has made me question and think about stuff I normally wouldn't a lot more than I ever used to. 
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Oh [livejournal.com profile] a_phoenixdragon you know what this article trending on FB made me think of*

Chris Christie’s Shameless Shilling For Donald Trump May Pay Off After All

It's a timeless love story. Hate turns to love, turns to sad, sorry ass-kissing, maybe to mawwaige? Or possibly just BOOM CHUCKA WAH WAHHHHH

*Why no, I haven't been sleeping well for a while, why do you ask? *snoooorrrrttt*


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