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My great grandmother Rhea Horton (nee McCullough) 1890-1972

I found this picture on Ancestry last night from an old Indiana school yearbook. What was even more fun to see is that on the same page was my 2nd great aunt who isn't Rhea's sister but instead Rhea's husband's sister. So clearly the ladies knew each other before Rhea married Howard Henry Horton.
Here's Olive Amy Horton. Early on, she swapped her first and middle names and always went by Amy Olive Horton (1892-) She married a travelling salesman and fellow entertainer, Maurice Paul Fitzpatrick, but I can't seem to find anything about when she died yet.

The funny thing is that I'd never seen a close of picture of her but the little hula girl on my dashboard is named Olive for her and she part of the first groups that went to entertain the troops overseas during WWI. Emily thinks I look like her I also love the blurb about her in the yearbook:
"Amy Olive Horton - Language and Science Course, Debating Club.
All is attention when Amy is called on to recite, for her recitations are as spicy and amusing as anything ever published in the joke column

Ah, a fellow sassypants! No wonder I felt an affinity for great great aunty Amy!

Then later on findagrave.com, I found a picture of Amy's sister, Agnes Victoria Horton (1889-1950)

My cousin on FB who knows a lot of the family history from that side isn't sure but she thinks that she may be the one that was an actress. Earlier that evening, Dad told me that one of the girls was a friend of actress Fay Bainter.

So cool stuff found last night!

Oh, as an update, so far *knock wood* the penicillin seems to be helping. My tooth is still a bit sore but I'll keep taking the pills regularly and hopefully it gets rid of the infection. The bigger surprise is that the temperature sensitivity seems to be gone. Considering that I've had that problem for a LONG time, it makes me wonder if I've been sick for longer than I realize. If so, it might take longer than expected to get better. 
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Ancestry DNA actually came in today and it's rather different than FamilyTreeDNA

Scandinavian down from 26% to 1%? It fits better with the tree I'd been doing and on ancestry, evidently either my first cousin or my aunt took the test since I got a DNA match to them. Interestingly, it was listed that they had trace amounts of Caucasus, European Jewish, Asia Central in their trees which I don't have. Makes me wonder about ol' Grandma since Mom thought she was a cheater. Mom got grumpy when I asked if she might consider taking a DNA test to find out more about our matches, though. Bummer

My first cousin on Dad's side said she just sent in her ancestry.com DNA today so soon I may have even more answers - cool!
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The first of my DNA tests are done. Oddly, I didn't get an email and it's not showing matches so it must still be processing but there is a map that according to their FAQ gives me a rough combination of 50% from each parent. How not a shock that I'm 100% European lol

One thing that I am surprised about is that the percentage of British Isles is so low since most of my work on fleshing out Dad's side shows that most of the ancestors go back to the UK. I'm interested in the 7% Sothern Europe and WOW at 26% Scandinavian with another 5% in Finland and Northern SIberia?

Hopefully ancestry.com comes through with their testing so I can compare the two.


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