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I wouldn't have been any more surprised if the ENT would have proclaimed loudly "BORING!" and walked out.

Evidently by my CT scan I have super duper clean lovely sinuses...yet I have sinusitis. Whut? Oh, he's thinking it's migraines. Yes, I take BP meds because my GP diagnosed me with a month-long migraine. It helped for a while but I guess not anymore. He says I should to go a neurologist and get on meds.

But my major concern today was redness inside my lips and burning inside my mouth when I eat as well as a lump below my tongue. The lump started last week and I assumed it was probably a salivary stone since Mom gets those so I upped the water intake and started doing hard candy. It helped it go down some. But the mouth thing sprung up suddenly yesterday morning. This ENT doesn't seem to give a shit and yes, actually told me I was too healthy for him and dismissed me.

Guess since I'm not interesting enough or not dying of cancer, I'm not worthy of decent treatment? Yeah, fuck that dude. Well, for now I got some dry mouth gel, I'm going to make a much better effort to eat, exercise and otherwise live healthier and see where that takes me before I start doctor hopping again because clearly they don't give a shit.
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My great grandmother Rhea Horton (nee McCullough) 1890-1972

I found this picture on Ancestry last night from an old Indiana school yearbook. What was even more fun to see is that on the same page was my 2nd great aunt who isn't Rhea's sister but instead Rhea's husband's sister. So clearly the ladies knew each other before Rhea married Howard Henry Horton.
Here's Olive Amy Horton. Early on, she swapped her first and middle names and always went by Amy Olive Horton (1892-) She married a travelling salesman and fellow entertainer, Maurice Paul Fitzpatrick, but I can't seem to find anything about when she died yet.

The funny thing is that I'd never seen a close of picture of her but the little hula girl on my dashboard is named Olive for her and she part of the first groups that went to entertain the troops overseas during WWI. Emily thinks I look like her I also love the blurb about her in the yearbook:
"Amy Olive Horton - Language and Science Course, Debating Club.
All is attention when Amy is called on to recite, for her recitations are as spicy and amusing as anything ever published in the joke column

Ah, a fellow sassypants! No wonder I felt an affinity for great great aunty Amy!

Then later on findagrave.com, I found a picture of Amy's sister, Agnes Victoria Horton (1889-1950)

My cousin on FB who knows a lot of the family history from that side isn't sure but she thinks that she may be the one that was an actress. Earlier that evening, Dad told me that one of the girls was a friend of actress Fay Bainter.

So cool stuff found last night!

Oh, as an update, so far *knock wood* the penicillin seems to be helping. My tooth is still a bit sore but I'll keep taking the pills regularly and hopefully it gets rid of the infection. The bigger surprise is that the temperature sensitivity seems to be gone. Considering that I've had that problem for a LONG time, it makes me wonder if I've been sick for longer than I realize. If so, it might take longer than expected to get better. 
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I took yesterday off since I haven't taken squat for vacation days and have too many "use or lose" days. I thought one day - even though I'm buried in work - would be ok.

Aaaand guess what? I now have influenza. Great. I went home around lunchtime (hopefully I didn't spread my cooties too far and wide) and have been quite the zombie since. JuneBug seems sympathetic while JonJon is now being a drama queen - the dork.

So clearly I'll be off tomorrow but I hope that's it for a while. Interestingly I'm the type of person that never seems to get a fever no matter how sick I am. In fact my usual body temp is around 97.9. Not long ago I was up to 102. Talk about stewing in my own juices.

Doing fluids, rest (kitty permitting) and Aleve. 


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