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Going to be a long day. It's gloomy and wet, work is overwhelming and still combating JuneBug's on and off sour tummy. I tried a new limited ingredient diet food last night which was an epic FAIL. Poor baby girl was going from litterbox to litterbox this morning. I hope that she's got it all out of her system. I'm pondering again trying to find a raw food to transition her to or trying to be brave enough to make a batch. 

Anyhoo, since I was following her around trying to keep up with the scooping between 3-5 am, I'm going to be so very tired today. If I didn't have a very important conference call this afternoon, I'd take off work. So instead, I'll just try to play peppy music and get up and take laps around the building. 

I've started with this song

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Junie's vet visit done (they didn't do shots which I thought was odd but probably because she's got the poo issues so another time *shrug*) They'll be testing the poo I brought (always fun, eh?) and the little porker gained a POUND AND A HALF over the year and now tips the scales at a little over 10 pounds. I also paid through the nose for the vet price of the FortiFlora to try. If it works, I told them I'd like a script so I can order it with my food order from chewy.com. They were fine with that. They also gave me a couple of free cans of Royal Canin Gastrointestinal food. I don't intend to bother with the food unless the FortiFlora doesn't do the trick on her normal food. She's picky as hell and I doubt she'll like the prescription stuff. That and to be honest, I buy better quality food than that stuff. But my vet isn't cheap and it was about $140. Ouch.

Had dentist cleaning at noon where the chick was pretty much the Nurse Ratched of hygienists. No bedside manner at all and I know it had to be the one that the gal that recommended the dentist HATES. Meh, whatever. I'm not cowed when they try to give you shit about OMG! You're gonna DIE if you don't floss ALL THE TIME. My troublesome sinus-aggravated tooth was achy when I left but it seems to be mostly better now so I'll try to stop worrying about it unless it starts to act up more. If it does, well, guess it'll be a stupid root canal.

I have to wrangle JonJon in about an hour for his yearly vet visit. Because I know they'll want to check both kitties, yeah, have more poo to gift them. If JonJon also put on weight, I'm going to be a much tougher mom and they'll get MUCH less snacktime. 

So though it's a full day of those annoying kind of appointments and wrangling, I'm glad I had it all set up for today since it sounds like tomorrow is going to SUCK with up to 6-10 inches of snow forecast. Since I don't want to get even further behind at work since I took today off, I emailed Bossman and he's cool with me working from home tomorrow. I can read and edit the online reports (have a little over fifty of them left) from home fine in between snow shoveling sessions.

Oh and our local PD are dorks. They posted this on FB:

With this video:

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Somehow over the last week I've lost a couple of LJ friends with no notice. I'm suspecting it might have part to do with the post regarding slash of which I had hoped not to cause offense since I was genuinely curious about learning about people's interests but you never know how people are going to take things.

I have to take JonJon to the vet in a few minutes. He's been constipated on and off for the last month or so. When I got home from work yesterday, I was actually pleased to see that he had a decent poo in the box. But for some reason he had no spirit to him. I got him to eat a little but it was a struggle and after that he tried to poo but only a little came out and it's like he was done. He went and laid down and didn't respond much to petting. When I've brought him food later last night and this morning, he turns away and he's licking his lips and hasn't moved much since last night.

I'm one of those types that in the back of my head think that I've done something to upset the universe and am paying for it now. :/


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