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Yesterday until I got to the evening, I was hungry. I could chalk it up to less protein consumption but I think it was more a mental thing. Today, however, I am so full. I had avocado toast for breakfast again, adding some sliced roasted red pepper to the top. I'm getting used to the non-dairy creamer but I doubt I'll stick with it after the week is over unless I somehow feel physically improved at the end of the week. 

For lunch I got lazy and ordered a sandwich that was supposed to be a mix of several different grilled vegetables but ended up being mostly eggplant. It was tasty enough with the balsamic vinegar served with it but I'll get off my lazy butt and make my own version for cheaper next time. 

There was a baby shower at work and since the pregnant coworker loves vegan stuff, I persuaded a coworker to make a cake that he'd made previously that was SO delicious. The pics I took today turned out blurry but here's one from a previous time he made it. 

I made a punch with lemon and mango sorbettos which also turned out to be lovely.

For dinner, I used my new grill pan to make a "Beyond Meat" burger - holy moley I love this. I'll eat this again for sure. 

The bun is a multigrain bun from Wegmans. I added a bit of Just Mayo and some lemonade pickles to the burger. Incredibly delicious and I am so totally full. *urp*
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