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We had a group meeting today to discuss website updates since the whole University is all het up about making stuff look fancy. I'll actually have to do the USDA Capacity website stuff from scratch since we don't even have a web presence at the moment.

Anyhoo, Peggy, made us all pose this week at this stupid giant sign out on the lawn (the version with us is still being processed)

Now she's poking us to get headshots for our respective sites. UGHHHH. I no waaannnaaaaa have a headshot. So this afternoon I was making jokes that I want to do one of those cheesy 80s photoshoots and bring my cats. Then I forwarded her and Bossman this picture saying they can use it on the website

Honestly? I'd find it totally hilarious if they did use that. I mean hey, then people would definitely know what they're getting into when they look me up to get my contact information and see that. Heh heh.
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I was giving JuneBug a snuggle when she hopped up next to me near the bedroom window and was curious when she seemed hyperfocused since anymore the kitties seem to take the constant viewing of birds and squirrels in stride lately since they get so much of it at the new place.

I looked to see what had her attention and laughed. There was a blue jay on a branch of one of the several spindly trees and there was a squirrel right below it. When the blue jay would hop to another branch or tree next to it, the squirrel was following! On and on it went, hop, scamper, hop scamper. It was clear they were actually playing with each other. The squirrel seemed to almost lose interest so the blue jay chirped and after a moment a second blue jay came along and the game was on! The birds teased the squirrel and the squirrel hopped and leapt around them. They were having a grand old time.

By that point, JonJon hopped up to find out what was going on and I watched with them for a good five minutes before I gave up my spot at the window so they could have the best Cat TV viewing since they're not interested in Mommy's TV.


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