15 June 2017

missdiane: (Minions - Agnes Big Eyes)
I'm getting bored with plain water but since it's summer, hydration is key. Someone posted this on the food porn forum on FB I belong to and it looked interesting. Has anyone ever tried Switchel or Haymaker's Punch like this

Another thing I might do is get out the ol' infusion pitcher and do things like cinnamon and ginger water or strawberry mint. I also might get some raspberry syrup to add to iced tea. 

Anyone have recommendations for the best lemonade to buy? I'd make it but DANG do you have to use a ton of lemons to make a little lemonade. Not cost effective

Other ideas - non boozy and lightly boozy welcome. 

Tangentially related - just for fun, when I took all my glass down from above the kitchen cabinets and cleaned them, I decided to hang on to one of the depression glass sets and am using it for the morning coffee and cookie/biscotti


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