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Going to be a long day. It's gloomy and wet, work is overwhelming and still combating JuneBug's on and off sour tummy. I tried a new limited ingredient diet food last night which was an epic FAIL. Poor baby girl was going from litterbox to litterbox this morning. I hope that she's got it all out of her system. I'm pondering again trying to find a raw food to transition her to or trying to be brave enough to make a batch. 

Anyhoo, since I was following her around trying to keep up with the scooping between 3-5 am, I'm going to be so very tired today. If I didn't have a very important conference call this afternoon, I'd take off work. So instead, I'll just try to play peppy music and get up and take laps around the building. 

I've started with this song

Date: 7 Jun 2017 04:56 (UTC)
From: [personal profile] bluecatartist
I hope JuneBug's digestive system is calmer tonight and you can sleep undisturbed. Poor girl is having quite the time, isn't she?

I have 3rd shift w. Miss Prissy as she wants to eat every few hours day and night - I'm awake part of the time anyway but after 2am she'll wake me at least once wanting to be fed. When I need to sleep more normal hours, I can't get to sleep early enough bc I'm used to staying up later to keep Miss Prissy from scratching on bedroom door and waking Mike.


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