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Youtube gave me another cute suggested video

I especially love Bill Geist videos. The pies look awesome in the video but as usual, there's a bigger message. It reminds me of the kind of trips that I like to make - not to some desert island, not to some far off land but to the little out-of-the-way quirky little places that can be explored not far from home. 

I used to do this in Ohio when both my Dad and I weren't working and we'd get in the car with Mom and go on our little adventures to some of the little backroads. In one small town we wandered through a dinky little antique shop and I found these vintage menus. One of the places - Arnaud's in New Orleans is still open but clearly the prices on the menu are much different nowadays. 

Another place we visited was Urbana Ohio at the Robert Rothschild farm HQ. You've probably seen or bought their stuff before. The funny thing is years later I was in the Hamptons for a film festival with Emily and we wandered into Barefoot Contessa's store. I saw that they had some of the Robert Rothschild stuff and I picked one up to see that they'd marked up the price obnoxiously. One of their salespeople came up and was all snooty as if I was some unimportant little plebe and started talking about the products as if they were made of gold. I gave her an amused look and said how their raspberry festival in Ohio was fun. She knew I wasn't buying her bullcrap and wrinkled her nose and walked off. Looking it up that store is now closed - perhaps with less conceit and better prices it would've stayed open.

Another one of the areas that we loved driving through, that my parents still visit is Amish country in northeast Ohio. We actually started to visit Berlin (not pronounced like the one in Germany) Ohio less because it's become such a fabricated tourist trap. 

Do you like to do the same? What kind of places do you visit? Found any really interesting quirky places that you didn't necessarily plan to go to initially?


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