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Someone posted on a local FB group wondering about a police presence at an apartment complex a couple of streets away from me. This morning there were multiple copies of this post on different local FB pages, sent out via email and also a robocall from the local PD:

An assault took place on February 19, 2017 at approximately 5:30pm by an unknown male. The assailant confronted the victim at South 1st Avenue and Johnson Street and forced her to walk to Harper Street, where the assault took place.
The suspect has not yet been apprehended and an active investigation is underway by the Highland Park Police Department and the Middlesex County Prosecutor’s Office.
If anyone has any information, please call the Highland Park Police Department at 732-572-3800 or Middlesex County Crime Stoppers at 800-939-9600

That's pretty darned scary as I live only over on 2nd, not too far away but I see several problems.
Was this dude armed? Knife? Gun? Boomerang?
What does he look like? Was he a peg-legged pirate? A hasidic Jew? A grizzly old white dude? 
Did he run off in a particular direction? Toward the neighboring town with the bigger crime problem, perhaps?
Did the victim know him? That would make a BIG difference.

It seems rather irresponsible to send out this huge alert yet give no details. It does nothing but scare people. Dopes.

EDIT: Holy CRAP at the news article! Gunman forced woman into basement, sexually assaulted her, cops say

STILL no freaking description. What gives?!?!
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