9 July 2017

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Well today ended up being more of an adventure than originally planned. I needed to go out to Petco and pick up some litter since the bathroom box really needed emptied, scrubbed and refilled. The bathroom itself was also overdue for a good cleaning (and I wanted to use the new steam mop I got refurbished) so I thought an easy trip out this morning to get that and a couple of plants for the fire escape and I'd be in and done before noon.

NOPE. Welllll, shit. After driving to two different Petco stores and then calling Petsmart from the parking lot of the second, it seems World's Best Cat Litter has decided to discontinue the Advanced Formula I use. Either that or they've done something else more shifty (which I'm suspecting) which is to take the formula I buy - which you can only seem to get at pet stores or online - and repackage it, pretend it's even more super duper fabulous...and jack up the price.

Well fuck them. I won't be drawn in by marketing bullshit, I went to Target and bought a bag of the regular WBCL that I first used a few years ago with the kitties (since that's what the rescue uses) and have mixed it half with the little bit of the advanced I still had left at home. I also ordered a couple of bags of the Advanced that Chewy.com is still selling and will start the - sometimes annoying - process of easing the kitties back over to the old kind. I may have to sprinkle a little more deodorizer after scooping but as long as the kitties are fine with things and it performs ok with scooping, they're not getting extra money out of me. That and it'll be nice to eventually be back to the brand that I can also buy at places like Target and grocery stores.

Anyway, I did get the bathroom all cleaned, the trash taken out and carefully lugged up the bag of soil to plant my mini bits of pretty on the porch. Hopefully everything blossoms nicely.

I'm sitting with an ice pack on the back to make sure things don't flare up but other than that flurry of activity, I'll be taking it easy the rest of the day. Tomorrow starts what will likely be a long, tiring week.


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