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Some things you dismiss but they'll inevitably come cropping back up to nag at your brain. Short background: they are trenching around the outside of our building at work and there are a crew of guys that put sailors to shame with their cussing and aren't exactly the most eye-candy worthy of dudes (Joe quipped that Larry the Cable Guy was working and man, one of them really was a spitting image lol). 

Anyway, yesterday something Elaine said just kind of got under my skin, though it's something that's my issue. She joked that none of the guys outside are at all good looking enough to bother to tell our work friend Latisha to check out. The reason that it got me is that folks don't ever ask about that aspect of me. Whether I've been married (I think they're rather aware that I haven't), whether I've been in a long term relationship (I think they're assuming I haven't, which they would be correct), or whether I've been in a short term relationship (fyi, nope, nothing there either). I know I've mentioned about some actor or something being a hottie and such, but I guess it makes me wonder why no one asks. 

It's funny because I don't even really want anyone to ask because it's embarrassing but it makes me feel like there's something perceived as wrong with me since no one broaches ever the subject at all. I gave up on the concept of bothering to make any attempts at that stuff years ago but ages of social norms are difficult to completely dismiss. 

Date: 21 Jun 2017 18:38 (UTC)
From: [personal profile] bluecatartist
Wow, this crass ... whatever it is where ppl are judged by their hotness and whether you'd want to ogle or f**k them has long annoyed me. And ppl say it as a joke but really? What does that say about THEM to judge someone else so harshly over looks?

It is one of my issues too. Having been called a MILF at one time, my son was upset at the guy he worked w. who used the term although J-man at first said it was a compliment. When I replied 'my worth is not up to some 20-something year old and his of whether I'm still f**kable' J-man realized what it really meant. And he was judged for being the tall, skinny gay guy who was a fetish, and realized sometimes it was not who he was that appealed to other guys but his physical body being so thin. (he has gained some weight at age 28 but is still tall, thinnish, not in the uber thin fetish range)


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