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Mondays are always so...so...very MONDAY, aren't they? I busted butt this morning to get two people transferred from their temporary jobs to full-time ones, speeding the process along per request of their boss. All yays and thank yous until it dawned on them that they'd be losing a few vacation days because they didn't use them up before the switchover. Cue the drama and the pouting and stomping via email. I stood firm, though, that if they were concerned about this, they should've inquired before signing the offer letter. They also bellyached that until July of next year, they'd be getting .25 days less per month of vacation due to policy. Again, the disclaimer was stated in the letter that they each signed. 

It was the bummer to have to lay down the law to essentially tell them both that it was their responsibility to check and that the process has already gone through and can't be cancelled. They pretty much knew they were shoo-ins for these jobs for a couple of months so there's no real excuse for them not to have checked before things were already done.They stopped grousing...for now...but if I get any guff from them, I intend to point out that if they're all about disclosures, that the clock starts on their new probationary period as of today. If they piss off their boss guy, they are still at-will employees for the next 90 days. 

There's other work-related annoyances but again - Monday - so it's expected. Ah well.

But as far as looking forward to the weekend, on Saturday I'm hopefully going to be going to the wonderfulness that is IKEA and meeting up with buddies. Huzzah! Not that I need anything much but hey, it's IKEA. If nothing else, for the meatballs, right? Also, it looks like the weather is going to get colder again and yesterday I bought one of those mini ice-cream scoops to use to make uniform-sized cookies. I'll be experimenting with using a stevia-brown sugar blend to try to reduce the sugar content. Anyone ever bake with that before? Sure there'll still be butter in them since I'm not THAT insane but I thought some experimentation was called for.

I do wish the pilot light on the oven was slightly less fussy but once I get it going, it seems to keep a nice, consistent temperature so I'll deal with a reluctant pilot. I hope the weather outside is decently chilly come Thanksgiving so I don't have to counteract the heat inside with AC to make my little meal that day. It'll likely be me and the kitties again but I would like to observe the day when it comes. 


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